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Sri Lanka, The Land Of Delights

Sri Lanka, The Land Of Delights

The Gifts To The World Heritage

Sri Lanka, the ancient Sinhalese Buddhist Island steeped in 2552 years of unbroken recorded history is second to none in the context of the contibution to the World Heritage.

The Finest Gift To The World Heritage: Buddhist Doctrine (Tripitaka-three Books)

Sri Lanka is the Land of Buddha’s heritage. The finest gift of  the ancient island of  Sri Lanka to the World Heritage is the documentation of Buddhist doctrine ( Thripitaka- three books) that was inscribed in Pali at Aluwihare Temple, Matale, Aluwihare, Sri Lanka in 89 BC during the reign of King Valagamba (Vattha Gamini Abhaya)

The longest undroken historical Chronicle of the World: Mahawamsa

The Ancient Aryan Sinhalese Agrarian Civlization

Sri Lanka’s Modern Contribution: Defeating Terrorists
The Wall Street Journal, JANUARY 16, 2009. For all those who argue that there’s no military solution for terrorism, we have  two words: Sri Lanka.




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