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Sri Lanka, the Land of Delights 

Sri Lanka Holidays

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About Us & Good tourism in "The Land of Delights"

"If you want to call tourism a name, call it good tourism... for all tourism must be eco-friendly, all tourism must respect nature & heritage & cultures of people & must benefit communities & the people it serves... tourism in essence should be a good business for those who run it & those for whom it is run."
Rentom de Alwis, then chairman of Sri Lanka Tourist Board, July 2001

We & good sustainable tourism

We are Sinhalese Buddhists of Sri Lanka who are proud of our land, our Sinhalese Buddhist heritage of 2550 years of unbroken, recorded civilization. We are one of a very few tour operators offering genuine tailor made holiday packages at affordable prices. We're a small team working closely together to take the personalized service to new heights. All the way to the destinations is the beauty of the nature; set in the tourist attractions is the glory of our heritage; we enjoy every minute of the opportunity to present our land to our guests; we are in sparkling good form. You would be all smiles, all the way. You will have fun & joy. Green valleys & cascading waterfalls. You will have sun & sand.

We are compact, flexible & right on the button. We are a young company, committed to provide High Value, High Definition Tropical holidays of joy & fun, light & enlightenment in an ancient island. We take you to the right stuff: we reveal for you to revel. We take pride in our personalized service within the background of sustainable tourism. We are ardent supporters of the government's measures to protect cultural heritage and natural beauty of our island: the ruins, renovated cultural & historical sites, ancient renovated vast rainwater reservoirs as well as endangered species of fauna and flora. Striving to retain the natural beauty & glory of the island to next generations, we assist our guests to mingle with the environment & tour with light footprints.

Our attractions

The tourist attractions of culture, nature & adventure of our land are so vivid & so numerous, we are unable to present short term (less than 7 nights) Holiday packages. Even within the 7 nights we are unable to tour all 7 world heritage sites in the island since you would definitely love a beach stay at the end of tour. Even with a tour of 15 nights, we aren't able to tour all "Must Visit" (as we call) attractions of Sri Lanka.

Such is the variety & beauty of the sites, 10 significant sites, namely Yapahuwa, Paduwasnuwara, Arankele, Haththicuchi, Mulkirigala, Tantirimale, Ritigala, Namal Uyuana, Vaulpane & Bogoda are attached with the label "Lesser Known Attractions". In any other land, sites of such significance of heritage & biodiversity would have been prime tourist attractions. Those are simply "Lesser Visited Attractions". In addition to these are numerous "Off the beaten tracks" such as Salgala, Lahugala, Rajangana etc. Then again we have numerous "forgotten sites": Dimbulagala, Udaganawa, Digapavi etc. My heart takes a heavy pounding even while writing the names of these sites. However, we will at least present articles on these wonderful sites in our website in the page "What's New"

Our logo, the elephant

The symbolism of the elephant, a noble, wise & powerful beast has been preserved in art all along the history of human race. Elephant of modern Sri Lanka is a national treasure. Sri Lanka's numerous national parks provide sanctuary to the elephants of the island. The elephant of ancient Lanka was the bulldozer of the nation: the construction of thousands of rainwater reservoirs & hundreds of great stupas were made possible partly due to the strength of the elephants. Stillmore, during the 2550 years of history of the island, the beast was the bulldog, the defender of the nation: battle elephant Kandula, the royal beast of the hero of the nation, King Dutugamunu (161-136 BC) of Ruhuna broke open the impregnable fortress of Vijitapura, Anuradhapura held by the marauding Dravidian invaders.. In the backdrop of great civilization of the Sinhalese Buddhists of ancient Lanka & ancient conservation ethics held high by the gentle sway of non-violent Buddhism, coupled with the endless natural beauties of the land & the beaches, ours are High Value & High Definition Tropical holidays. Having the Elephant as our logo reflects our commitment to conserving the heritage, wildlife & natural beauty of our ancient tropical island.

Plans for the next level

We provide information to our guests, encourage them to present their ideas to take the conservation of wildlife & bio-diversity, conservation of heritage, presentation of the beauty & glory of the island by means of conventional methods as well as hi-tech innovations to the next level within the backdrop of sustainable tourism. Kaizen never take a break; excellence has no limits.

Our people in Sri Lanka

Hospitality of our people is legendary; pride of place to the guests is historical. Rain or thunder, smiles wouldn't fade away. We stay with you all the way, from the moment you step into the island till the moment you step out to make your holidays truly memorable to all of you. With us you will carry the image of Sri Lanka firmly etched in your mind, carved in your heart so that the island would always be fondly remembered & talked about with the generations to come. As did Marco Polo & Iban Batuta.

B. Upul N. Peiris

B. U. N. Peiris

Sumedha Wijayasinghe

Riolta Lanka Holidays (Private) Limited (PV 61442) is incorporated as a Private Company under the Companies Act 7 of 2007 of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on 19th September 2007.


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