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Sri Lanka, the Land of Delights 

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Must Visit Locations

Sasseruwa Buddha Statue, Sri Lanka

Some 11km west of Aukana Buddha statue, on a rocky hillside with a pathway of 300 steps, lies another standing Buddha statue (13 meters). Apparently it isn't completed. As at Aukana statue, Sasseruwa too was once sheltered in an image house, as shown by the holes for beams cut into the rock around it. This housing structure & all other buildings were destroyed by marauding Dravidian invaders from South India.

Incomplete work
There are incomplete works from the very head to toe of the statue: the ornament above the head, "Siraspata" wasn't craved into the rock; one of the ears is unfinished; the final finishes to the robe of the Buddha were not done; the pedestal is simply an undecorated square block of stone.

Two legends
Two legends connect the Sasseruwa Buddha Statue with the Aukana Buddha. One legend says that the cracks that appeared on the torso of the statue during the construction made the craftsman to abandon it & to create a new statue at Aukana.

The other legend narrates a competition between the master & his protege. According to the legend two great statues were crafted at the same time. The master's more detailed Aukana Buddha was completed first & the protege disheartened of being upstaged by the master, abandoned his work of art.

Ancient monastery
This extensive complex has an ancient monastery site over 100 cave cells, ruins of stupas, moonstones & inscriptions, & dates back to the second century BC.

Raja Maha Vihara image house
A cave on the path to the Sasseruwa Buddha Statue was converted into an image house with Buddha statues. At the entrance are a beautiful dragon arch & a seated Buddha statue.

The second cave image house
Herein lies a massive 39 feet long Buddha statue in reclining posture.

Bo tree
The Bo tree is planted by King Devanam Piya Tissa (250-210 BC). It is one of 32 saplings of the Sacred Sri Maha Bodhi tree in the ancient monastic capital of Anuradhapura. The sacred tree is well protected by a wall of stone slabs rising to a height of 3.5 meters.

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Photo Gallery

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Sasseruwa Buddha Statue

Sasseruwa Buddha Statue

Sasseruwa Buddha Statue

Raja Maha Vihara image house

Raja Maha Vihara image house

Raja Maha Vihara image house

Raja Maha Vihara image house

Raja Maha Vihara image house

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