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Sri Lanka, the Land of Delights 

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Must Visit Locations

Haputale, Central Highlands of Sri Lanka

Situated at 193 km from Colombo on the Colombo - Kandy - Nanu Oya (Close to Nuwara Eliya - Little England) - Badulla road & railway line sits Haputale at an elevation of 1579 m (4736 ft). Lying along a mountain ridge of the southern edge of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, Haputale is one of the most spectacularly situated towns of Sri Lanka. The high elevation vantage location of Haputale allows us birds eye view to the north as well as to the south. To the south are plains that run into the coast. To the north are hills after hills, hills next to hills, hills over the hills of the highlands: that's a glorious sight.

Arrival into the town by car, the sudden descent is startling. The bend of the road leading to the town is so acute, you would feel like the car is about to airborne over the cliff.

Haputale Gap

Haputale Gap is one of the most spectacular views in the country. The great amphitheatre of the upper Uva spreads out to the north and east. It is bounded by the mountains of Idalgashinna, Ohiya and the Horton Plains National Park, the peaks of Hakgala (Hakgala Botanical Gardens is located there), the purple cone of Namunukula, and Poonagala and Nuwara Eliya. On the other side is an equally breathtaking view & the foothills of the lower Uva, the southern Sabaragamuwa followed up Southern Province right down to the sea. On a bright and cloudless day, one could see the ocean as a bright blue line in the distance, disclosing the stabbing rays of the little lighthouse of Hambantota, far south.

A walk in the surrounding hills

As we walk down the main street from the Station Road crossing, again we witness the apparent disappearance of the road off the cliff. The terrain being similar to magnificent paradise village Ella, the hill station of Haputale provides us the pleasure of walking, hiking & trekking in the surrounding hills. The highlight is the tranquil Lipton's Seat bringing in a panoramic view that sweeps you off the feet. While hiking you wouldnt miss the famous tea factory, old country mansion of Adhisham & Diyaluma Falls.

Victorian heritage

A little distance off the town, some of the tea plantations are geared to welcome the tourists. The colonial heritage of Ceylon is brought to life by St. Andrew's, neo-Gothic church located just north of the town along the main road Haputale-Bandarawela. The graveyard of the church takes solace in providing the final resting places to the illustrious British tea planters.

Dambatenna Tea Factory

East of Haputale, a 10 km scenic road along the edge of the escarpment through beautiful rambling tea estates to leads us to legendary Dambatenna Tea Factory, built in 1890 by Sir Thomas Lipton, the tea magnate whose name is immortalized in Lipton's Tea. The colonial Dambatenne Tea Factory brings in an unmistakable message of philanthropy in addition to the efficient industry: the workers' quarters of the famous factory accommodates over 4,000 people; the 20,000 sq ft factory employee 1,600 workers. At the entrance is a quote from John Ruskin: "Quality is no accident. It is the result of intelligent effort." In spite of the on-going modernization, some of the machinery of the colonial era is still in operation in this ISO certified factory.

Lipton's Tea

The first estate that Lipton bought in Ceylon was known Downall Group in Haputale & included Estates Dambatenne, Llaymostatte & Monarakande. In his memoirs, he wrote, "between the Estate I had bought & the big sum of money I left with my agent I think I must have invested well over a 100,000 pounds in Ceylon within a week of my arrival in that lovely & delectable island of spicy breezes."

Lipton's Seat

Lipton's seat is the highest point of the mountain range, where the most famous Tea planter of Ceylon, Sir Thomas Lipton used to admire & enjoy the panoramic view served by Haputale. Although the 7km hike is tiresome, the arrival at one of the finest view points in the country-the famous double of famous World's End relaxes your tired feet & soothes your nerves. We must rush in the early morning before the mist set in.

Greenfields Bio Plantations

A very pleasant walk leads us to Greenfields Bio Plantations, 3 km from Dambetenne, one of the few organic tea producers in the country. We will have the opportunity to view a tour demonstration of the whole process involved..

Benedictine monastery of Addisham

A few kilometers from Haputale in Colombo - Kandy road is Benedictine monastery of Addisham. The sign at the main gate reads 'Silence is Golden', a golden saying hardly adhered by the million mutinies of the modern world devoid of collective responsibility yet clamoring for individual rights. The old Colonial British planters' bungalow was converted into a monastery by an industrious team of monks with tons of stonework. The original bungalow was built by a Kentish gentleman, who having filled it with imported carpets, porcelain, furniture & glassware, even had an English chauffeur brought in for his Daimler. Today the monastery runs a domestic industry of food products such as jams & jellies from guavas & fruit cordials. The monastery bordering the Tangamalai bird sanctuary, the garden is home to blue magpies, paradise flycatchers, green barbets, brilliant orange plumaged mini-verts hornbills, golden orioles & a host of other bird life.

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Haputale Sign Post

Haputale Landscape

Haputale Landscape

Haputale Landscape

Haputale Landscape

Dambatenne Tea Factory

monastery of Addisham

Kelliebbedde Tea Factory

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