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Sri Lanka Holidays & Sri Lanka Tours

Sri Lanka Holidays - A Total Holiday Experience, The Land of delights

Sri Lanka Tours: Beaches, Nature & Adventure, The Land of Buddha's Heritage

Sri Lanka Holidays present Sri Lanka Tours. High Value, High Definition Sri Lanka Holidays of joy & fun, light & enlightenment in an ancient island, the Pearl of the Orient, tropical island of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka based Tour Operator Riolta Lanka Holidays, specialized in Small Tour Groups to Sri Lanka presents Sri Lanka Tours to groups ranging from inseparable two to a neat dozen. Your spontaneity is given its due credit in your hassle-free escorted Sri Lanka Tours in an ancient Asian island of extraordinary variety of natural & man-made attractions with some of the most spectacular scenery & tropical beaches of the world.

Sri Lanka Tours. You will escape, unwind, travel, tour, explore & discover Sri Lanka Holidays ("India without the hassle" - Arthur C. Clarke) with us. Mine a wealth of knowledge in an Eastern Destination anchored to 2550 years of unbroken recorded history, with seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including whole ancient cities of outstanding value to humanity. Here is an Island with more than a couple of millennium of historical & cultural affinity, love & hate with the Indian sub continent- fons et origo (the source & origin). You may even follow up with Explore India, Discover India. What we offer isn't a Sri Lanka Tour of either Rough Guide or a simple Insight Guide to a Lonely Planet but to follow the Footprint Sri Lanka of Marco Polo & Iban Batuta, among many other voyagers with a view of Skanda Pandia Lanka Light & Enlightenment. Our High Value, High Definition Sri Lanka Holidays of Historical-Cultural sites, Eco-tourism zones, Nature & Adventure sites, Wild Life parks & Bird Sanctuaries topped by Sacred footprint of Buddha at the summit of Mount Sri Pada, also known as Adam's Peak, Butterfly Mountain & Samantakuta overwhelm you all with a total holiday experience.

Must Visit Cultural Attractions Beaches

+ Lion Rock Citadel, Sigiriya
+ Dambulla Rock Temple
+ Anuradhapura
+ Polonnaruwa
+ Kandy, The Royal City
+ Bentota, the Paradise Island
+ Ella, the Paradise Village

+ Holy Temple of the Tooth
+ The Golden Sand Stupa
+ Polonnaruwa Vatadage
+ Stone Temple, Gal Vihara
+ Tissamaharama
+ Kaleniya Royal Temple
+ Mutiyangana Stupa

+ Beruwala
+ Bentota Bay Beach
+ Unawatuna
+ Hikkaduwa
+ Tangalla
+ Arugum Bay Beach

Central Highlands Nature Wild Life

+ City of Kandy
+ Little England, Nuwara Eliya
+ Bandarawela
+ Badulla
+ Haputale
+ Kitulgala

+ Lion King Rain Forest
+ Adam's Peak
+ Horton Plains
+ Peradeniya Royal Gardens
+ Belihul Oya
+ Hakgala Botanical Gardens

+ Ruhuna Yala National Park
+ Uda Walawe National Park
+ Minneriya National Park
+ Wasgomuwa National Park
+ Bundala National Park
+ Kaudulla National Park
+ Elephant Orphanage

Sri Lanka Holidays Beaches are for all days, all nights; for all seasons, year round
The tropical island of Sri Lanka is benefited by two monsoons: the main South Western Monsoon (May to September) and North Eastern Monsoon (December to February) . These two monsoons define the main (October to April) and secondary (April to September) tourist seasons of Sri Lanka Holidays. That is to say when the western coast is buffeted by the South Western Monsoon rain, it is all calm in the eastern coast; and when the eastern coast is rocked by the North Eastern Monsoon rain, the western and south western coast spreading from Kalutara, Wadduwa via Bentota and Beruwala to Hikkaduwa and southern beaches spreading from Galle to Hambantota via Unawatuna, Koggala, Mirissa, Dikwella, and Tangalla bay beaches are picture perfect.

Yala and Maha Cultivation Seasons

Having said that, we must hasten to declare that there is much greater significance in Monsoons to the Sri Lanka with 33% of the labor force occupied in agriculture: two monsoons are the most important natural phenomenon in the tropical island of Sri Lanka. Rice being the staple food, the populace of Sri Lankans (19 million), Sri Lanka's Paddy (708,000 Hectares) cultivation seasons, Yala and Maha are synonymous with two monsoons. Maha, the main season falls during "North-east monsoon" from September to March; Yala season is effective during the period from May to the end of August.

The secondary beach season during April to October serves well for the eastern bay beaches of Arugambay, Kalkudah, Passikudah and Nilaveli at Trincomalee. Even during the off season quality time could be spent in these exotic beaches with a little dash of on-site local information concerning the safe stretches of beach at the each bay beach. The two seasons that nicely complement each other have made Sri Lanka Holidays of yours for the revelation and enlightenment, revelry and merriment, joy and fun in all days and all nights in all green, ever green emerald island of many shades and tones of green. It goes without saying, the cultural triangle and Central Highlands are toured throughout the year.

Then again, a number of periods of the year has its own joys: July, August sees the whole populace of Kandy of Mediterranean climate going to town with Kandy Esala Perahera procession Pageant; July, August is also the period of Kataragama Perahera procession Pageant; August, September proudly presents the phenomenal gathering of several hundred of elephants at the great man-made irrigation reservoir at the Minneriya Wildlife park ; the months of April, May has Sloth Bears at Ruhuna Yala Wildlife Park scrambling up the blooming Palu trees to have their fill with berries; April sees the festivities and revelry in the salubrious Nuwara Eliya, the prime health resort of the Central Highlands; December, January and April are the best of the best months to sight Blue Whales and Sperm Whales off-shore at Mirissa bay beach; the period of November to March is the perfect time to enjoy the sight of Dolphins at Kalpitiya beaches; December to April is the season for night ascent holding on to the iron chains along the well- illuminated trek to Sri Pada Adam's Peak, the fourth highest mountain peak of Sri Lanka.

"When the Guide of the World, having accomplished the salvation of the whole world and having reached the utmost stage of blissful rest, was lying on the bed of his nibbana; in the midst of the great assembly of gods, he, the great sage, the greatest of those who have speech, spoke to Sakka' who stood there near him: 'Vijaya, son of king Sihabahu, is come to Lanka from the country of Lala, together with seven hundred followers. In Lanka, O lord of gods, will my religion be established, therefore carefully protect him with his followers and Lanka. When the lord of gods heard the words of the Buddha he from respect handed over the guardianship of Lanka to the god who is in colour like the lotus."

We are proud to offer Sri Lanka Holidays to showcase the grandeur & magnificence of the ancient tropical island of numerous& diverse attractions. Sri Lanka Holidays of historic monuments, religious monuments and cultural monuments could hardly be separated from Sri Lanka Holidays of palm fringed pristine beaches, breathtaking scenery, undulating highlands, rain forests & wild life sanctuaries since the diverse attractions in varied climates & altitudes & are always within few hours driving in the Island of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Holidays leave no stone unturned to take you all in different courses of Sri Lanka Tours. The circuits of Trekking Sri Lanka Tours, Nature Walks Sri Lanka Tours, Safari Sri Lanka Tours, Cycling & Canoeing Sri Lanka Tours, Eco Adventure Sri Lanka Tours, Adventure & Culture Sri Lanka Tours, Bird Watching & Culture Sri Lanka Tours & Camping Sri Lanka Tours lead the pack.

Sri Lanka Holidaysis the Total Holiday Experience (THE), steeped in millenniums of glorious ancient Sinhalese civilization of man made Water World & Buddhism, nestled in The Land of Delights surrounded by pristine tropical beaches, wrapped in natural beauty & vicissitude of bio-diversity hot spot of tropics.

Sri Lanka Holidays is the Land of Delights. It shall not flag or fail. During Sri Lanka Holidays you will have fun & frolic in the beaches, you will make merry in the hills & plains. You will enjoy the jolly journeys as well as the diverse destinations. You will be enlightened in the numerous cultural attractions; you will get thrilled in the numerous nature, adventure & wildlife reserves. You will have all the delights in My Sri Lanka, Our Island.

Sri Lanka Holidays is a sunken treasureIt is the least promoted world class tourist destination of the world. As much as no pair of words in the language holds more magic than “sunken treasure”, the pair of words “Sri Lanka Holidays” holds out such magic to inspire, linger & bring joy to the hearts of all those who once visited the paradise like tropical island. They long for more of the same.

Sri Lanka Holidays is an ideal film location destination.“The whole of Sri Lanka is a film set” said Sir Carol Reed after shooting his film Joseph Conrad’s “Outcast of the Islands” in Sri Lanka. The victory could be the sweetest, but then the struggle is the glory. Sri Lanka’s beauty lies not simply in the diverse tourist destinations but also in the journeys that awaken you all to the glory of Sri Lanka Holidays all the way. Sri Lanka Holidays roads of varying landscape, vegetation & terrain to inspire in you truly enlightening experiences that take you to the destinations hold you all enthralled all the way:

Sri Lanka Holidays is unlike any other tourist destination. Sri Lanka, the drop pearl or a pear shaped tropical Island of green plains and blue mountains is located a mere 30km over the Palk Strait, at the southern tip of the Indian sub continent. Sunk in the 30km of shallow sea in between the headlands, is a treacherous strand of coral reefs and sandbanks: Adams Bridge. 1700 km of palm fringed golden sands, swept by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, run along the perimeter of the island. The interior is shrouded in luxurious vegetation exhibiting all shades and tones of green. In the broadest part, slightly tilted towards the south-west, is the one and only mountain mass of the emerald isle, defining the compact Central Highlands (a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Peak Wilderness Protected Area which encompasses Matterhorn shaped Adams Peak Mount Sri Pada, the sacred crown of Sri Lanka; the subtropical montane evergreen Horton Plains National Park or rather Lady Hortons Plains; the Knuckles Conservation Forest or magnificent Dumbara Hills formed in the shape of a steadfast clenched fist straddling parts of the districts of Kandy and Matale), the source of the rivers flowing out in radial pattern to the sea, on the way enriching the thousands of ancient man-made irrigation reservoirs of the plains. The mountains of Sri Lanka exhibit distinct grandeur in the landscape: there are few countries where the high land and low land are so cleanly demarcated.

Sri Lanka Holidays is adorned with an overabundance of world class tourist attractions, some of which have no rivals even among the top of the flight tourist destinations of the world, in terms of value to the humanity; in the scale of antiquity; in the sense of the grandeur and splendor. Each of those tourist destinations of Sri Lanka being accessible within few hours driving, Sri Lanka Holidays Tour Packages (see topmost corner to your right) are handsomely wrapped assimilating with the concept of economy in time and motion in Sri Lanka Travel.

Sri Lanka Holidays UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Anuradhapura, (greatest monastic city of the ancient world (437 BC-845 AD); Polonnaruwa, the ancient kingdom of reservoirs (846AD - 1302AD); Sigiriya, the royal citadel of King Kasyapa (479-496 AD); Golden Dambulla rock temple, a treasure trove of Buddhist sculpture and murals; Kandy, the medieval (1469-1815 AD) royal city and the gateway to the central highlands of Sri Lanka; Horton Plains national park, a super biodiversity hotspot 2,500 meters above the sea-level; Lion King (Sinharaja) forest reserve, the last extensive primary lowland tropical rain forest in Sri Lanka; VOC Galle Dutch Fort, the best preserved Dutch Fort in Asia.

Sri Lanka Holidays is the Serendipity. “Life bears an inextinguishable flame in this land” Achsah Barlow Brewster 1921: Ceylon the Luxuriant. As much as the word Serendipity (to make discoveries by accident and sagacity of things which they were not in quest of) wouldn’t be translated into your mother tongue to your satisfaction, Sri Lanka Holidays could hardly be narrated to my heart’s content. I am bunpeiris: I take liberty to present you a glimpse of the beauty and glory of my Sri Lanka, Our Island that I have toured all over since I was just eight years old with my maternal grandfather, Ayurvedic Dr. Prangige Silmon Peter Peiris Gunaratne of Lakshapatiya, Moratuwa of Sri Lanka Holidays.

Sri Lanka Hotel Guide - Hotel Information, Special Offers, News and Trends and much more

Sri Lanka Travel Guide - Travel Information, Special Offers, News and Trends and much more


"Better than any other island in the world" - Marco Polo

Beautiful Sri Lanka

"Once you have visited Sri Lanka, you will return, time & time again" - Peter Hill, CEO, Sri Lankan Airlines

Kandy Esala Perahera pageant

"It would tax the best pen and pencil to give an adequate idea of such combinations of forms, sounds, & figures." William H. Russell, private secretary to Prince of Wales in 1875 in his attempt to narrate the most colourful & vibrant pageant of Asia, Kandy Esala Perahera pageant. There's light & fire in the great & grand festival held in the nights of fortnight.

beauty of Ceylon

"To me the beauty of Ceylon lies not so much in its blue seas and golden beaches, its jungles & its mountain peaks, as in its ancient atmosphere. There is no nation, from Egypt of the Pharaohs to modern Britain, in whose literature this island has not at some time been mentioned by one or other of its many names - Lanka, Serendib, Taprobane, Cellao, Zellan, to recall a few. History lies buried in its sands, and ghosts of romance lurk among its bastioned rocks, for Lanka is very, very old." D. J. G. Hennessy, Green isle, 1949

The Island of Sri Lanka

"The Island of Sri Lanka is a small universe containing as many variations of culture, scenery and climate as some countries a dozen times her size.. Every point on the island can be reached with just a few hours travel by car, enabling even the short-term visitor to experience many of island's diversities." Arthur C. Clarke

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