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Med 1

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Med 1 First Responder Services in Sri Lanka. 

First thing first: get trained in First Aid and CPR
Sri Lanka: here is an opportunity for Sri Lanka Holidays Tourist Guides and travel trade and hospitality professionals to get trained in First Aid and get accredited with a World Class Certification at Ratmalana, Colombo. Med 1 trains all: from Sri Lanka Police to the Sri Lanka Holidays bloggers. Med 1, Ratmalana, Colombo, Sri Lanka offers a full line of training from basic First Aid through advanced cardiac courses to save lives and minimize the effects of injuries.

CPR training at Med1

CPR training at Med1

What is Med 1?
Med 1, Ratmalana, Colombo, Sri Lanka is an EMS [Emergency Medical Services] First Responder Services company established in 2011 following the approval by Sri Lanka Board of Overseas Investments. As at present Med 1, Sri Lanka is engaged in medical and First Aid training, a public access defibrillation program, and a 24-hour, trilingual [Sinhala, Tamil and English] First Aid advice line- No. 1990.

Med 1 certification

Gotabaya Rajapaksa awarding Med 1 certifications

Where is Med 1?
Med 1 is based in Ratmalana 13km south of Fort, Colombo. Immediately south of Ratmalana is legendery Moratuwa, a major suburb of Colombo district. Immediately north of Ratmalana is Sri Lanka Holidays Mount Lavinia, home to the sole tourist class beach in Colombo. Ratmalana is home to a major domestic airport and a major base of Sri Lanka Air Force. Prior to the construction of CMB Bandaranayake airport at Katunyake of Sri Lanka Holidays Negombo, Ratmalana airport had been the one and only international airport of Sri Lanka. Ratmalana airport is being reconstructed with a view to operation of international flights.


FALCK Med 1, Sri Lanka Holidays

Med 1 by the end of 2012
Med 1
, with its hub based at Lumbini Avenue, Ratmalana 2km north of Ratmalana domestic airport has closed ranks with Falck to launch world class emergency ambulance service in Sri Lanka by the end of the year 2012. Med 1, 26 employee stong today will become 100+ strong by the end of the year 2012.

What is Falck?
Falck based in Copenhagen, Denmark is the world leader in ambulance service: 1800+ ambulances in operation in 35 countries responding to over 2 million emergency calls each year. Falck, that acquired 50 percent stake of Med 1  in the year 2012, has a history running as far as back to 3rd October 1884, when the Danish fire fighter Sophus August Falck [1864-1926] took part in the rescue work during the fire of Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. In 1906 Sophus August Falck  founded the Falck Rescue Corps (Danish: Falcks Redningskorps).

AED from MED1

AED from MED1

AED [Automated external defibrillator] is a portable electronic First Aid device that is used in cardiac complications such as heart attacks. CPR [Cardiopulmonary resuscitation] combined with AED has a higher percentage of success. CPR  is an emergency procedure performed manually on a person  to restore the blood circulation and breathing in a cardiac arrest. Med 1 trains you all in CPR and the use of AED.

Med 1 First Aid helpline No. 1990
Call No. 1990 Med 1 for questions on First Aid on emergencies ranging from a heart attack to a vehicle crash.

Contact Med 1 now for International standard training in First Aid with certification.
Mr. Tuan Jamalon, Training Institute Manager          +94 777 846 174



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