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Jungle Beach Kuchchaveli

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Jungle Beach location
Jungle Beach Hotel is located in the beach of small tranquil coastal village of Kuchchaveli on the eastern coastal belt, 35km north of Sri Lanka Holidays Trincomalee. Halfway between Trincomalee and Kuchchaveli is scintillating Nilaveli bay beach.

Jungle beach Hotel Kuchchaveli Sri Lanka Holidays

Reaching Kuchchaveli
The gateway to Kuchchaveli is the seaport city of Trincomalee which can be reached by motor road as well as by railway line from Colombo. The distance to Kuchchaveli fromTrincomalee by motor road from the capital city of Colombo is 257km.
The distances from UNESCO World Heritage Sites Sri Lanka Holidays attractions of the Cultural Triangle are as follows.
Polonnaruwa 129 km; from Dambulla 106 km; from Sigiriya: 102km; from Kandy 182 km; from Anuradhapura 106 km.

jungle beach hotel Trincomalee Sri Lanka holidays

Setting of Jungle Beach
Jungle Beach is nestled within a secluded 10-acre reserve, sandwiched between the sea and a lagoon. A wide swath of gorgeous sand stretching over 4km is interspersed with tropical mangroves.

Architecture & Interior deco of Jungle Beach Hotel
Jungle Beach Hotel features luxurious villas of modern design crafted from indigenous materials as to appear emerging from the woods.

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Jungle Beach: to be edited
Type of hotel & star rating of Jungle Beach: luxury beach hotel

Jungle Beach Trincomalee Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka

Accommodation at Jungle Beach
Jungle Beach Hotel consists of 48 spacious & stylish villas featuring modern interiors, warm lighting and large windows. Each villa is equipped with a king sized beds, a sofa seating area, high-end entertainment system, Free Wi-Fi and outdoor rain showers.

Jungle Beach Hotel Kuchchaveli Sri Lanka

Facilities at Jungle Beach
Hotel Garden,24-hour front desk, private beach area, sun terrace, air-conditioning, facilities for disabled guests, safety deposit boxes & newspapers.

Jungle Beach Hotel Kuchchaveli Trincomalee Sri Lanka

Dining: restaurant & bar
Located near the main swimming pool with glimpses of the ocean, the open-air restaurant that seats 70 guests serves a fine selection of local and international dishes.
Room service is also available upon request.

Jungle Beach Trincomalee Sri Lanka Holidays

Leisure and recreation at Jungle Beach Hotel
The resort also offers a Fitness centre, Spa and wellness centre, Massage, Karaoke, Darts and Library.
Water sports facilities and BBQ facilities.

Jungle beach Sri Lanka Holidays
Services at Jungle Beach
Room service, Business center, Baby sitting, Laundry, Dry cleanings, ironing service
Currency exchange, Tour Desk, Fax/photocopying. Concierge service
Airport shuttle service.

Activities at Jungle Beach Hotel
Cycling, canoeing in the lagoon
Water sports: diving, snorkeling, fishing trip, scuba diving and jet skiing.

Excursions off Jungle Beach
Nilaveli Beac, also on the eastern coast 18km south of Kuchchaveli
Pasikuda Beach also on the eastern coast,142km south of Kuchchaveli
Kalkudah beach also on the eastern coast 152 km south of Kuchchaveli


Uga Bay Pasikuda

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Uga Bay location
Uga Bay is located in Pasikuda bay beach, which together with Kalkuda [9km to the south] and Nilaveli of Sri Lanka Holidays Trincomalee [125km to the north] forms the loveliest bay beaches of the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

uga_bay_pasikuda Sri Lanka Holidays

Reaching Uga Bay
Uga Bay 5 star luxury beachfront hotel in Pasikuda beach can be reached by motor roads to running to Batticaloa district of eastern coast of Sri Lanka from Colombo.

Distances from CMB Bandaranayake Int’l Airport, Katunayake [BIA], Negombo [37km north of the capital city of Colombo]
(a) Via Dambulla [home to Dambulla temple – UNESCO World heritage site], Habarana [major transportation hub of the Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Triangle] & Giritale sanctuary and the ancient capital city of Polonnaruwa [UNESCO World Heritage site] & Kalkudah bay beach: 299km
(b) Via Kandy [the gateway to the Central Highlands is a UNESCO World Heritage], ancient cultural site of Mahiyangana & Kalkudah bay beach:292km

Uga Bay, Sri Lanka Holidays

Setting of Uga Bay
Built facing the pristine tropical beach of breathtaking Pasikudha Bay.
Uga Bay is a beachfront hotel set amidst a nine-acre grove of coconut palm trees within the Tourism Development Zone spreading 150 acres earmarked for construction of 14 Sri Lanka Holidays Hotels.

Uga Bay Sri Lanka Holidays
Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Uga Bay: to be edited.

Architecture & Interior deco of Uga Bay
Uga Bay hotel is designed upon a fusion of contemporary tropical fused
with a Mediterranean theme.
Uga Bay Kalkudah Sri Lanka Holidays
Type of the Hotel & Star rating of Uga Bay: Beach hotel- 5 star

Accommodation at Uga Bay
Uga Bay comprises of 46 spacious rooms, a Bay Suite and a Beach Chalet.

Uga Bay, Pasikuda beach, Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka

Facilities at Uga Bay hotel
Dining: Local fishing boats bring in the fresh catch of the day for your delicious seafood feast. Internationally trained Chefs prepare world cuisine fused with local spices in state of the art kitchens and at beachside barbecues.

Uga Bay, Pasikudah, Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka Holidays

Leisure at Uga Bay hotel
Swimming Pool facing the Indian Ocean
Ayurvedic spas with dedicated treatment rooms

Uga Bay, Pasikuda, Sri Lanka Holidays

Excursions off Uga Bay hotel
Kalkuda bay beach located 9km north, also on the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka Holidays Maduru Oya National Park, 73km south-west of Pasikuda
The ancient city of Polonnaruwa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 73km west of Pasikuda
Nilaveli bay beach of Trincomalee located125km north, again on the eastern coast of the Island


Anilana Pasikuda

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Anilana Pasikuda location
Anilana Pasikuda is located in the breathtaking bay beach of Pasikuda. Pasikuda is located 9km north of Kalkuda bay beach, an equally tranquil, equally magnificent bay beach. 125km north along the eastern coast, once again is wondrous Sri Lanka Holidays Nilaveli Bay Beach at Trincomalee.

Anilana Pasikuda Hotel, Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka Holidays

Setting of Anilana Pasikuda
Anilana Pasikuda is a beachfront hotel facing the Pasikudah bay beach set up in a tropical hideaway 3 hectares in acreage. The expansive beach holds aloft an exhilarating sense of peace and air of  tranquility.

Pasikuda beach Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Anilana Pasikuda: to be edited.
Architecture & Interior deco of Anilana Pasikuda: The well-furnished Anilana Pasikuda is of contemporary design.
Type of the Hotel & Star rating of Anilana Pasikuda: Beach hotel

Anilana Pasikudah Hotel, Sri Lanka
Accommodation at Anilana Pasikuda
Anilana Pasikuda offers three options in accommodation: chalets; suits; lofts; rooms. All elegantly furnished accommodation options consist of comfortable bed rooms and spacious bathrooms.

Pasikuda Bay Suite
Pasikuda Bay Suite has panoramic views of the Pasikuda Bay.

Anilana Pasikudah Bay Suite, Sri Lanka Holidays
Anilana Suite
Anilana Suite is set up with a spacious living area, private terrace and both indoor and outdoor shower pleasures. Some of these suits feature connecting doors.
These individual Junior suites boast some of the best views of the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

Anilana Pasikudah Hotel Suite, Sri Lanka

Kalkuda Suite
Kalkuda Suite built with exquisite elegance, bring in the Kalkuda beach onto the far vicinity.

Anilana Pasikudah Kalkuda Suite, Sri Lanka Holidays
Pool Chalets
Pool Chalets laid out in front of the pool, sharing detached pavilions, appointed with private terraces and spacious bathrooms, for the more active traveler.

Anilana Pasikudah Pool Chalet, Sri Lanka Holidays

Lofts feature, a double rooms on two levels. While the first level features a living area and a bedroom, the level 2 features a smaller bedroom. Elegant furnishing is accented with luxuriant space and plush bedding.

Anilana Pasikudah Lofts, Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka

With a large sized bed and the fittings of contemporary designs these Deluxe rooms are tastefully furnished.

Anilana Pasikudah Deluxe, Sri Lanka
Beach Chalets
Beach Chalets opening to a private patio or balcony with private terraces, bring in panoramic views of pristine beach and Indian Ocean.
Anilana Pasikudah Beach Chalet, Pasikudah

Facilities at Anilana Pasikuda
Dining: Anilana Pasikudah’s show kitchen prepares and serves all its guests Sri Lankan delicacies as well as favorites of international cuisine. Most of the fresh produce brought into the kitchen straight from the Anilana Pasikuda’s own farm.

Anilana Pasikudah Sri Lanka.

Leisure at Anilana Pasikuda
Swimming Pool facing the Indian Ocean and Spa

Anilana Pasikuda

Excursions off Anilana Pasikuda
Sri Lanka Holidays Kalkuda bay beach located 9km north, also on the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka Holidays Nilaveli bay beach of Trincomalee located125km north, again on the eastern coast of the Island


Black Tea: Ceylon Tea

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Tea is the ultimate mental & medical remedy and has the ability to make one’s life more full and complete”
Zen Buddhist Eisai Myoan: How to Stay Healthy by Drinking Tea. (AD 1211)

Given the year, i.e. AD1211 in which the Black Tea specialty book “How to Stay Healthy by Drinking Tea” was composed, one would wonder how far the history of Black tea runs into. The briefest answer to break you free of the contemplation is “very far, as far as the History of China itself” And the history of China runs into no less than 5000 years.

Ceylon Tea Eisai Black TeaZen Buddhist Eisai Myoan

Eureka Moment: luck favors the prepared mind
The in-depth answer would make you curioser and curioser as “Alice In Wonderland”. The discovery of Black tea is believed to be a fortunate accident. But then the accident wouldn’t have taken place at all, if not for the keen eye of the legendary botanist Shen Nong, emperor of China (2737-2699 BC).
Discovery of Black Tea was a Eureka moment as the accidental discovery of world’s first antibiotic, Penicillin thanks to the keen eye of the Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming (AD1881-1955) was. The legend has it a few leaves that had blown into a pot of water boiled for the emperor turned the boiled water from being colorless to a reddish tint. Having seen the coloration caused by the fresh green leaves of the nearby tree, ever the botanist, emperor pounced upon the chance of tasting the water to determine the qualities of the green leaf.

ShenNong Ceylon teaShen Nong – the father of agriculture and medicine. Illustrated by Jessica Chang/ET staff,

Black tea by any other name would taste as sweet
Though the modern world is unable to ascertain to veracity of the legend, the green tea leaf that made a beverage of Red tea has since then become popular throughout the East & West. Though the beverage of tea unsweetened with milk is popularly called Black tea in the western word today, most possibly following the fashion of calling unsweetened coffee as black coffee, in Asia & especially in Africa & Middle East, it is called Red tea.

Shen Nong Ceylon tea

The world’s first botanist
History of China records that emperor Shen Nong discovered, tested, analyzed & recorded hundreds of herbs for the benefit of his nation & his land. He is credited with the title of “father of Chinese herbal medicine” as if the title of “discoverer of green tea leaf” wouldn’t do.

Ceylon tea Shennong_bencao_jing

Shen Nong bencao jing [Shen Nong's Classic of Root & Herb]

What’s in a Name?
Everything, your good name is everything. But then Shan Nong was a name like no other. Nobody could have been better named than Shan Nong meaning Divine Farmer. The Chinese methods in recognizing potential farmlands & cultivation are credited to Shan Nong. Harnessing resources, inventing the plough & yoking beasts too are believed to be introduced by the emperor. Then again the name Shan Nong is immortalized by the popularity of Tea, no matter how you call it, Black Tea, Red tea or Green tea.

Popularity of Black tea following the glorious name
Such a glorious name as Shan Nong wouldn’t be called in vain. Tea was set into the path of undying popularity by Shan Nong. According to the “Tea & Coffee Trade Journal” September 1, 1995, a professional journal, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to plain water.

Black tea Lu Yu

A statue of Lu Yu, the father of tea located in Xi'an, China

First ever treatise on Black tea
The first treatise on Tea, “Tea Classic” was composed as far as back in 760 CE & 780 CE by a Chinese poet named Lu Yu. The treatise consisted of ten chapters tilted Origin, Tea Tools, Manufacture, Tea Wares, Brewing, Drinking Tea, Anecdotes, Places, Omission & Diagrams, The book was translated into English in 1974 (ISBN 0-316-53450-1).

First treatise on Black tea in Japan
The first treatise on Tea in Japan was inscribed by the founder of Zen Buddhism, Japanese Buddhist priest Myoan Eisai following his return from China where he studied philosophy & religion. Seno Tanaka, Sendo Tanaka & Edwin O. Reischauer in their book “The Tea Ceremony” published in year 2000 narrates: In January 1211 he wrote the first treatise on Tea in Japan, Kissa Yojoki or Tea Drinking Is Good for the Health, a small booklet of twenty pages in praise of Tea. In his short treatise Eisai, strongly recommended tea as a cure for five types of disease: loss of appetite, paralysis, beriberi & sickness from tainted water. Tea, he added, is a remedy for all disorders & this was perhaps the main reason for consequent popularity of tea-drinking.

The Finest Black Tea in the World, Ceylon Tea of Sri Lanka

The Finest Black Tea in the World, Ceylon Tea of Sri Lanka

The Finest Black Tea in the World:Ceylon Tea
The finest Black Tea of the world is Ceylon Tea produced in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Holidays Nuwara Eliya, the capital of Black Tea production of Sri Lanka is located at a height of 1800 meters above the sea level in the one & only mountain mass set right in the central zone of the drop pearl shaped tropical island of Sri Lanka. While the product of Black Tea in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka is called high grown Ceylon Tea, the product of Black Tea from the southern zone surrounding Sri Lanka Holidays Galle of lower altitude, is called low grown Ceylon Tea.


Viventa by Taj-Bentota

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Location of Viventa by Taj-Bentota
Viventa by Taj-Bentota (formerly Taj Exotica) is located at the National Holiday Resort in Bentota, the foremost beach holiday resort in Sri Lanka. Bentota, 64km south of Colombo can be reached within two and a half drive from Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka. Bentota is the beach immediately next to the pristine bay beach at Beruwela, 56 km from Colombo that signal the beginning of a 130 Km-long stretch of golden beaches of Sri Lanka Holidays south-western and southern coastal belts.

Viventa by Taj- Bentota, Sri Lanka Holidays

Setting of Viventa by Taj-Bentota
Viventa by Taj-Bentota of extensive landscaped gardens is built upon a rocky head land that brings about panoramic views of the long stretch of Bentota beach contained within Bentota National Holiday Resort. National Holiday Resort in Bentota, a strip of land sandwiched between the beach and railway line to the west and Galle Road (A2 main motorway to the east) is a self contained beach resort: Bentota Beach Hotel, Serendib Hotel, Surf Bentota Hotel, Viventa by Taj, post office, shopping arcade, a cafeteria, open-air theatre where folk and mask dancing performances are staged regularly.

Viventa by Taj-Bentota, South-western coast

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Viventa by Taj- Bentota: To be edited

Type of hotel & star rating
Viventa by Taj-Bentota is a 5 star luxury hotel that offers luxurious facilities. Refurbished in the year 2012, the beach hotel is owned and managed by Taj Group of India.

Viventa by Taj-Bentota, South-western coast, Sri Lanka

Architecture and Interior Décor of Viventa by Taj-Bentota
Viventa by Taj is built in the colonial architectural style of Sri Lanka. Interior of the hotel with high ceilings and wooden pillars are well furnished.

Viventa By Taj-Bentota, Sri Lanka.

Accomodation at Viventa by Taj-Bentota
Viventa of Taj consists of 162 air-conditioned rooms. All three types of rooms, i.e. Standard, Deluxe and Superior Rooms have en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold water showers and hairdryers. The Deluxe and Superior Sea View Rooms set up with lounge area are more spacious than the standard rooms.


In-room facilities at Viventa by Taj-Bentota
In-room facilities include mini-bar, phone, satellite TV, electronic safe, tea / coffee facilities and 24-hour room service.

In house facilities at Viventa by Taj-Bentota: dining
Palm’s Coffee Shop: Sri Lankan and international buffets, Oriental Pavillion specializing in Chinese cuisine
Sea View Restaurant: fresh seafood dishes and continental cuisine
Sea Lounge Bar: by afternoon; high tea and by night: drinks and cocktails,
Aquarius pool bar: fresh juices and snacks

In house facilities at Viventa by Taj-Bentota: leisure and recreation
Large swimming pool with children’s pool
Beach volleyball, badminton court
Billiards, table tennis and other indoor games
Beauty Salon, Gift Shop, Library
Night club, regular evening entertainment

In house facilities at Viventa by Taj-Bentota
Conferences, ceremonies and weddings
Weddings: the hotel is also well organized to hold weddings and will plan your entire wedding day from a traditional Sri Lankan ceremony to the reception

In house facilities at Viventa by Taj-Bentota: Fitness center
Sauna, Jacuzzi and gymnasium
Fitness center, which is open 24 hours has an instructor from 7 in the morning to 8 in the evening. The center is fully equipped with cardio machines, multi gym machine, treadmills, cross trainer, exercise cycles, free weights, and exercise ball.

In house facilities at Viventa by Taj-Bentota
Babysitting, with 24 hours prior notification, Doctor-on-call
Currency exchange, Postal & Parcel Services, Airport transfers
Car rentals, Restaurant bookings, Local errands – shopping/medicines/telecommunication etc.

Banquet and Meeting Room facilities at Viventa by Taj-Bentota
Indoor: Orchid and Boardroom
Space: 6500 square feet of conference space
Capacity: Theatre style – 275 guests; Classroom style – 160 guests; U-shape – 70 guests; Boardroom – 24 Guests; Cocktails – 350 guests standing
Audio Video facilities: includes wall mounted, high-powered cube speakers and sub woofers powered by independent amplifiers mounted on moveable racks. Microphones, mood lighting and manually controlled remote controlled, pull-down screens and floor-concealed, audio/visual switch boxes,(Has to be hired out at a extra cost) all ensure that Vivanta by Taj – Bentota provides hosts with the latest and greatest technology that they can operate via a control panel for perfect adjustments during the event.
Boardroom is another indoor meeting center that suits for small meetings
Capacity: theatre style – 35 guests; classroom style – 18 guests; U-shape – 20 guests; cocktails – 30 guests standing

Outdoor: banquet lawn & Sea View Terrace
Banquet lawn is an open air venue well suited for for cocktails, dinners, launch parties and social celebrations.
Sea View Terrace, smaller than banquet lawn is Ideal for cocktails, dinners, launch parties and social celebrations.
Capacity: Cocktails – 250-300 guests

Excursions off Viventa by Taj-Bentota
Brief Gardens designed and developed by the landscape artist Bevis Bawa is a 200-acre landscaped garden that combine elaborate European layout with tropical wilderness.
Galpata Buddhist temple, as the protected lithic inscription therein reveals, was built by King Parakramabahu the Great who reigned in Sri Lanka Holidays Polonnaruwa in the 13th century.
Kosgoda tea turtle Project to learn of conservation of marine turtle and to release a freshly hatched three-day old turtle into the ocean.


Poseidon Diving Station

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Location of Poseidon
Poseidon Scuba Diving has its hub at the southern bay beach of Hikkaduwa, home to Sri Lanka’s first ever marine sanctuary. Hikkaduwa is located 80km south of Colombo on the southwestern costal belt of Sri Lanka.
Poseidon Diving Station, 304 Galle Road, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka [South western Coast of Sri Lanka-season: November to April]
Poseidon Diving Station, 9th mile post, Nilaveli, Trincomalee [North Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka-season: April to October]

PADI scuba diving courses at Poseidon Hikkaduwa
Poseidon is the first five star scuba diving center in Sri Lanka. PADI scuba diving courses at Poseidon has 2-3 diving trip to local shipwrecks and Reef & rock formations. All diving trips are guided by local divemasters with many years of experience in diving. PADI scuba diving team at Poseidon: 3 PADI Diving instructors and 4 divemasters.

Poseidon Diving Station, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka Holidays

Safe diving with Poseidon at Hikkaduwa
Poseidon Scuba Diving Station is the prime dive center in Sri Lanka. The ship wrecks, reef and rock formations are all within an easy boat ride where the visibility is up to 25m in safe, warm water.

Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

History of Posiedon Diving Station at Hikkaduwa
In the year 1973, Sven Holmberg and Bertl Magnusson [of course, Swedish nationals], while looking for a beach to enjoy diving, bumped, to their delight, on S. K. Nandasena [Leslie], a skin diver at Hikkaduwa. Such were the outstanding diving skills of Leslie, Sven Holmberg and Bertl Magnusson invited the skin diver to train in scuba diving in Sweden. The formidable trio closed ranks to establish the very first diving center in Hikkaduwa. They tasted success: the divers from all over the world began to arrive in Hikkaduwa year after year owing to the professionalism at the Poseidon Diving Station. Leslie went on to make history: he discovered no less than 4 ship wrecks off the beaches of Hikkaduwa: Conch, Arcturus, Earl of Shaftesbury, Alliance Orestes and Rangoon.

Poseidon Diving Station, Hikkaduwa

Poseidon Diving Station Hotel at Hikkaduwa
To follow scuba diving courses at Poseidon, though all of your are welcome, it is not necessary to secure lodging at Poseidon Hotel. The scuba diving enthusiasts may arrange their accommodation in any of the numerous guest houses or hotels at the beach resort of Hikkaduwa. Poseidon would be pleased to pick you all up, free of charge of course, at your hotel or guest house in Hikkaduwa.

Poseidon Scuba Diving Station, Sri Lanka Holidays
Poseidon Hotel consists of 12 rooms in a two story building. The balcony upstairs brings in views of sea. The restaurant at Poseidon Hotel is open to all.

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka Holidays

Excursion from Poseidon Diving Station Hotel
Poseidon Diving Station arranges a day trip to Galle [ home to VOC Galle Dutch Fort ], another diving site with wrecks and to the nearby magnificent palm fringed bay beach of Unawatuna once a week

Season for diving in the southwestern and southern coastal belt: November to April.
Season for diving in the North Eastern coastal belt: April to October.

Scuba Diving, HIkkaduwa, South western Coast, Sri Lanka

Diving sites off Hikkaduwa Bay Beach: Shipwrecks
Conch [depth: 12-21m]; Earl of Shaftesbury [depth:14m]; Alliance [depth:23m]; Rangoon [depth:30m]; Arcturus [depth:18m]; Crispigi Cross [depth:16m]; Orestes [depth:16m]; Lord Nelson[depth:18m]; Nosra [depth:15m]

Poseidon Scuba Diving Station, Hikkaduwa

Diving sites off Hikkaduwa Bay Beach: Reef and Rock Formations
Wallduwa [Coral Garden Rocks] [Depth:3-10 m]; Cave [depth:8-16m]; Hikkaduwa Rock [depth:5-18m]; Sunil Gala Rock [depth:6-18m]; Kadavara Gala [depth:5-18m]; Teli Gala Rock [Barracuda Point] [depth:12-28m]; Napolean Point [depth:24m]; Black Coral Point [depth:16-30m]; Kirala Gala [depth: 21-38m]; Thapara [depth:32-36m]

Images are reproduced herein by the kind courtesy of Poseidon Diving Station, Hikkaduwa



Med 1

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Med 1 First Responder Services in Sri Lanka. 

First thing first: get trained in First Aid and CPR
Sri Lanka: here is an opportunity for Sri Lanka Holidays Tourist Guides and travel trade and hospitality professionals to get trained in First Aid and get accredited with a World Class Certification at Ratmalana, Colombo. Med 1 trains all: from Sri Lanka Police to the Sri Lanka Holidays bloggers. Med 1, Ratmalana, Colombo, Sri Lanka offers a full line of training from basic First Aid through advanced cardiac courses to save lives and minimize the effects of injuries.

CPR training at Med1

CPR training at Med1

What is Med 1?
Med 1, Ratmalana, Colombo, Sri Lanka is an EMS [Emergency Medical Services] First Responder Services company established in 2011 following the approval by Sri Lanka Board of Overseas Investments. As at present Med 1, Sri Lanka is engaged in medical and First Aid training, a public access defibrillation program, and a 24-hour, trilingual [Sinhala, Tamil and English] First Aid advice line- No. 1990.

Med 1 certification

Gotabaya Rajapaksa awarding Med 1 certifications

Where is Med 1?
Med 1 is based in Ratmalana 13km south of Fort, Colombo. Immediately south of Ratmalana is legendery Moratuwa, a major suburb of Colombo district. Immediately north of Ratmalana is Sri Lanka Holidays Mount Lavinia, home to the sole tourist class beach in Colombo. Ratmalana is home to a major domestic airport and a major base of Sri Lanka Air Force. Prior to the construction of CMB Bandaranayake airport at Katunyake of Sri Lanka Holidays Negombo, Ratmalana airport had been the one and only international airport of Sri Lanka. Ratmalana airport is being reconstructed with a view to operation of international flights.


FALCK Med 1, Sri Lanka Holidays

Med 1 by the end of 2012
Med 1
, with its hub based at Lumbini Avenue, Ratmalana 2km north of Ratmalana domestic airport has closed ranks with Falck to launch world class emergency ambulance service in Sri Lanka by the end of the year 2012. Med 1, 26 employee stong today will become 100+ strong by the end of the year 2012.

What is Falck?
Falck based in Copenhagen, Denmark is the world leader in ambulance service: 1800+ ambulances in operation in 35 countries responding to over 2 million emergency calls each year. Falck, that acquired 50 percent stake of Med 1  in the year 2012, has a history running as far as back to 3rd October 1884, when the Danish fire fighter Sophus August Falck [1864-1926] took part in the rescue work during the fire of Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen. In 1906 Sophus August Falck  founded the Falck Rescue Corps (Danish: Falcks Redningskorps).

AED from MED1

AED from MED1

AED [Automated external defibrillator] is a portable electronic First Aid device that is used in cardiac complications such as heart attacks. CPR [Cardiopulmonary resuscitation] combined with AED has a higher percentage of success. CPR  is an emergency procedure performed manually on a person  to restore the blood circulation and breathing in a cardiac arrest. Med 1 trains you all in CPR and the use of AED.

Med 1 First Aid helpline No. 1990
Call No. 1990 Med 1 for questions on First Aid on emergencies ranging from a heart attack to a vehicle crash.

Contact Med 1 now for International standard training in First Aid with certification.
Mr. Tuan Jamalon, Training Institute Manager          +94 777 846 174



Palm Beach Hotel

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia, Colombo

Location of Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia
Palm Beach Hotel is located at the coastal town of Mount Lavinia,10 km south of Fort, the heart of Colombo. Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka is 1.5 hours drive south from CMB Bandranayake Int’l Airport at Katunayake, Negombo along A3 Colombo-Negombo main motor road.

Setting of Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia
Mount Lavinia Beach: Palm Beach Hotel is mere 50 meters inland from the beach.

The zone of Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia
Palm Beach Hotel is located in the well sheltered and shaded sea side of the main zone of the township of Mount Lavinia. The zone studded with flowery avenues and lanes that are well shaded from the tropical sun by giant topical trees, has a cluster of tourist hotels. These avenues and lanes crisscross one another to find ways to the southern railway track and Mount Lavinia beach to west of the zone and to the A2 Colombo-Galle main road to the east of the zone.
Still more, with the multitude of tourist hotels and guest houses sandwiched between A2 Colombo-Galle Road and the southern railway line, this zone at suburb Mount Lavinia is the most convenient accommodation option in the suburbs of Colombo.

Palm Beach Hotel, Sri Lanka Holidays

Most of all, this zone of Sri Lanka Holidays Mount Lavinia is home to the closest tourist class beach of Colombo.

The coastal tropical garden of Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia
Palm Beach Hotel is well set in a tropical garden rich with tropical trees. The courtyard of the Palm Beach Hotel, with a swimming pool and the pool bar, is well shaded with large tropical trees and a couple of towering mangrove trees.

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia:
To be edited

The architecture of Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia
The architecture of Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia seemed to have derived much from the colonial era architecture of the British Ceylon. Wide verandahs run along the rooms of the main building.
Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Accommodation at Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia
All rooms, i.e. Pool View Rooms, Superior Rooms and Family Rooms are air-conditioned and fitted with ceiling fans and furnished with double or twin beds.

Palm Beach Hotel, Sri Lanka Holidays

In Room facilities at Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia
Cable TV, telephone and wi-fi internet facility

In house facilities at Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia
Dining; indoor at the Summer Time restaurant; outdoors at the Atrium restaurant located by the poolside; on the roof top restaurant and bar with ocean views.
All restaurants serve Sri Lankan and western cuisine.
Alcholic beverages are served at the s Palm Beach swimming pool side bar as well as in the Night Club.
Health and recreation: Fitness Center, Billiard Pool, Table Tennis, Outdoor Swimming Pool
Services: Room Service. Meeting and Banquet Facilities, Business Center

Palm Beach Hotel, Sri Lanka

Excursions from Palm Beach Hotel, Mount Lavinia
Sri Lanka Holidays Kelaniya Royal Buddhist Temple at Kelaniya, magnificent murals of which narrates the milestones of Aryan Sinhalese Buddhist history of Sri Lanka.
Bellanwilla Royal Buddhist Temple , which houses beautifully sculpted serene Buddha statues and murals.
Dehiwale Zoological Gardens



Casa Colombo

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Location of Casa Colombo
Casa Colombo is located at Bambalapitiya [Colombo 4], 6km south of Fort, the heart of Colombo and 7km north of Mount Lavinia. Mount Lavinia has the one and only Sri Lanka Holidays bay beach of Colombo district. Sri Lanka Holidays beaches of the South western and southern coasts begins at Kalutara, 23km south of the bay beach in Mount Lavinia. The zone of Bambalapitiya [Colombo 4] and surroundings is home to high end shops, restaurants, casinos and nightclubs. Furthermore Colombo affords the opportunity to play golf at Royal Colombo Golf Club [18-hole par 71 course], an international class golf course.
The main motor road southwards of Colombo, A2 Colombo-Galle road that runs parallel to the southern railway line takes Sri Lanka Holidays tourists to the south western and southern beaches of Sri Lanka replete with fine palm fringed beaches of golden sand.

Casa-Colombo, Sri Lanka Holidays
Setting of Casa Colombo
For those who wish to have privacy, the location of Casa Colombo is ideal: it sits well at a dead end of a road off the main A2 Colombo Galle road at Bambalapitiya [Colombo 4]: a cul-de-sac.

Casa Colombo Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials: to be edited.

Architectural concept of Casa Colombo
Casa Colombo is a retro-cool [at once appeals to the latest fashion yet retain a nostalgic revival of the age old style] 12-room boutique hotel set up following a restoration of a magnificent heritage propertyof Colombo: a 200 year old Moorish mansion. While the prominent features of the heritage property, i.e. ornate balconies and window awnings intricate mosaic floors, molded ceilings, elaborate columns and arches have been retained, contemporary furniture, upholstering and feature have been blended in. Colors are vibrant; floor is of polished cement; lighting is neon; metal fitting consists of brushed steel and copper; drapes are raw silk; furniture is made of tropical hard wood.
Casa Colombo’s juxtaposition between old and new is heavenly: it is an extraordinary, unusual and exceptional example of a boutique hotel.
As the newspaper Sunday Times published in Colombo, Sri Lanka put it, Casa Colombo is an opulent and eclectic hotel, where old and new blend in startling contrast. Travel+ Leisure found Casa Colombo blends edgy contemporary with classic elegance effortlessly.

Casa Colombo Sri Lanka

Casa Colombo, one of the most remarkable contemporary hotels was entirely reinterpreted by a talented Sri Lanka designer Lalin Jinasena. I think Geoffrey Bawa has a worthy successor who knows how to draw his inspiration from the teacher’s genius, to renew the Singhalese creation and architecture. A name that will rank, I am sure, amongst the greatest names of the international scene.

Sandra Rude, Chief Editor of the lifestyle TV series l’ emission “Hotels”, Films Concept Associes, France.

Casa Colombo Sri Lanka Holidays

Accommodation at Casa Colombo
Casa Colombo consists of 12 air-conditioned luxury suites with a floor space in between 500 to 1000 sq. ft.: three Leisure Suites, eight Corporate Suites and one Royal Suite. Each suit is individually designed with an open plan and consists of a sleeping area, work space, lounge and ensuite bathroom. Each suit is well furnished with large comfortable bed, desk and lounge chairs.
In addition to above, each Corporate Suite consists of laptop within the work area, super King-size bed, exquisite copper bathtub within the room right within your room, and a laptop within the work area while the luxurious Royal Suite also has a Jacuzzi in the balcony. Luxurious Royal Suite also has access to a roof top attic for candle-lit dinning.

CASA Colombo

In room facilities at Casa Colombo
29-inch Nakamitchi LCD TV which affords viewing from bed room as well as from sitting room
Nakamitchi high-fidelity sound system by Nakamitchi
Movies on an Apple ipod, Complementary Wi-Fi
The ensuite bathroom with twin vanities, a waterfall shower with hot and cold water, and w/c.

casa-colombo Bambalapitiya
In-room spa services at Casa Colombo
Casa Colombo in collaboration with Angsana Spa provide in room spa services to its clients.
In house Facilities at Casa Colombo
While High Tea is served in the afternoon with Ceylon Tea, the finest Black Tea in the World at the T-REPUBLIC located on the front lawn, cocktails are served at the lounge bar.
The pink swimming pool has cement and glass sun beds and canopied sun beds are set in the shade of a large tropical tree.

Casa Colombo,Bambalapitiya, Sri Lanka

Half day Excursion off Casa Colombo
Mount Lavinia Beach at Mount Lavinia, 7km south of Casa Colombo
Kelaniya Buddhist Temple at Kelaniya [home to exquisite modern murals depicting landmarks of Sinhalese Buddhist civilization of Sri Lanka], 15km north-east of Casa Colombo
Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya [home to magnificent modern Buddha statues and paintings], 9km south of Casa Colombo, Bambalapitiya
Gangaramaya Temple by the Colombo Beira lake [home to a multitude of Buddha statues], 5km north of Casa Colombo


Weligama Bay Marriott

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa Weligama, a beachfront 5 star 200 room, 11-story property is scheduled to be opened in the year 2014. Marriott International has signed an agreement with Weligama Hotel Properties Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of East West Properties PLC on the project. Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa is being built according to Marriott International’s five star brand standards, with a beach frontage of 115 meters on the Galle-Matara road. The seaport city of Galle is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of VOC Galle Duch Fort, the best preserved colonial Dutch For in Asia.

Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka Holidays


Weligama located 144km from Colombo in the south western coastal belt of Sri Lanka is a pristine beach of golden sand sheltered with groves of coconut palm trees.The images of stilt-fishermen perched on a cross bar of a single pole planted into the sea bed have become iconic reperesentation of the popular beach of  Weligama.
With a flexiable ball room space of some 640 sq meters, Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa will be geared to serve Sri Lanka Holidays tourists as well as to the MICE market, i.e. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibition.

Weligama Bay Marriott Resort, Weligama, Sri Lanka


Commenting on the project of  Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa at Sri Lanka Holidays Weligama Mr. Nihal Wijesuriya, Chairman of East West Properties PLC, Sri Lanka said: “We are among the first companies in Sri Lanka to sign up with an international branded hotel company and to open as early as 2014. The is being built according to International’s five star brand standards, with a beach frontage of 115 meters on the Galle-Matara road in the South-West of the country. The construction is being carried out in-house by East West Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka so we have direct control of every aspect of the construction of the and are confident that it will be of the highest standards and quality.”

Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa


Marriott International is a world renowned operator and franchiser of a broad portfolio of hotels and which include Bulgari Hotels and s and The Ritz Carlton. International currently operates over 3,700 hotels in over 73 countries and territories around the globe. Marriott Hotels and Resorts are Marriott International’s signature and most widely distributed brand and is also known for the world’s largest loyalty program, Rewards.

Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka Holidays


Marriott International, Inc.  is a leading lodging company based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA with more than 3,700 properties in 73 countries and territories and reported revenues of over $12 billion in fiscal year 2011. The company operates and franchises hotels and licenses vacation ownership s under 17 brands, including Hotels & s, The Ritz-Carlton, JW , Bulgari, EDITION, Renaissance, Autograph Collection, AC Hotels by , Courtyard, Fairfield Inn & Suites, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn, TownePlace Suites, Executive Apartments, Vacation Club, Grand Residences by , and The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club. There are approximately 300,000 employees at headquarters, managed and franchised properties. is consistently recognized as a top employer and for its superior business operations, which it conducts based on five core values: put people first, pursue excellence, embrace change, act with integrity, and serve our world.


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