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Archive for the ‘Dambulla’ Category

Green Paradise Resort Dambulla

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

The Green Paradise Resort location
The Green Paradise Resort is located in Dambulla, home to Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Attraction of Rangiri Dambulu Viharaya [Sinhala: Golden Dambulla Rock Cave Temple], a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Dambulla, the central location and a transportation hub of Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Triangle is located 148km from Colombo in Wewe Bandi Rata [Sinhala: land of the man-made irrigation reservoirs] or the north-central plains of Sri Lanka.
Green Paradise Dambulla, Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle

Reaching The Green Paradise Resort, Dambulla
The Green Paradise Resort can be reached from Colombo first by taking A1 main road and then continuing on A6 main motor road.

Setting of The Green Paradise Resort, Dambulla
The Green Paradise Resort is set amidst the lush vegetation of the agricultural zone of Dambulla. All 67 eco-oriented villas of The Green Paradise Resort are ensconced in the verdant gardens.

Green Paradise Hotel Dambulla Sri Lnka Holidays

Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of The Green Paradise Resort : to be edited.

Type of the Hotel & Star rating of The Green Paradise Resort : an eco-oriented hotel that offers accommodation in the form of villas.

Green Paradise Resort, Sri Lanka

Accommodation at The Green Paradise Resort
Green Paradise Resort features 17 Cozy Deluxe rooms (35 sqm), 40 Superior Duplex rooms (90 sqm) and 10 Garden Suites (120 sqm).

Green Paradise Resort, Sri Lanka Holidays Dambulla, North Central Plains

Superior Duplex rooms that accommodate up to 4 persons are perfect for families or guest are furnished with queen size bed, teak furniture’s, shower with private bathroom, TV, air conditioning, safe box, mini bar, tea and coffee facilities and private veranda.

Garden Suites that accommodate up to 4 persons are semi detached units consisting of 2 suites per unit, all with interconnecting doors are ideal for large families or groups who wish to have their own private space.
the rooms features king size bed, wooden flooring, teak furniture’s, shower with private bathroom, TV, air conditioning, safe box, mini bar, tea and coffee facilities, outdoor Jacuzzi and a large private veranda for private dining and relaxation.

Green Paradise Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle

Facilities at The Green Paradise Resort
Swimming Pool with Bar, kids pool, jacuzzi, Spa Centre, Gym,
Shopping arcade, Wi-fi and internet connectivity
Sports area to play cricket and soccer
Dining: restaurans and bars
Orchid Restaurant , the main restaurant, set up with elegant dining tables, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with aselection of choice international dishes. Theme nights are held on selected days of the week.
The Salt & Pepper Restaurant, a fine dining restaurant serves snacks and light meals.
Pizzeria Al Forno by the poolside serves pizza.
Blue Elephant Bar serves a range of cocktails. The night entertainment includes light music programs, weekly fashion show and traditional cultural shows.

Green Paradise, Kandalama, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Excursions off The Green Paradise Resort
The central location of Dambulla, a Sri Lanka Holidays transportation hub makes it easier for the Sri Lanka Holidays tourists to visit most of the surrounding Sri Lanka Holidays attractions
Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel located 10km north-east of The Green Paradise Resort
Ibbankatuwa Ancient burial ground 17km south-west of The Green Paradise Resort
Dambulla Rock Cave Temple 13km south-west of The Green Paradise Resort
Kandalama ancient irrigation reservoir 5km west of The Green Paradise Resort


Kalundewa Retreat, Dambulla

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Location of Kalundewa Retreat
Kalundewa Retreat is located 73 km north of Colombo at Dambulla, home to Golden Dambulla Rock Temple, A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dambulla is an important tourist attraction of Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural triangle triangulated with Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa which also has Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel within it. All these are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Over and above these must visit Sri Lanka Holiday attractions are the ruins of ancient Ritigala Monastery at Ritigala hill. Dambulla is one of the most convenient transportation hubs to explore the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka Holidays.


Setting of Kalundewa Retreat
Kalundewa Retreat Dambulla is set up in the middle of a man-made irrigation reservoir crowded with thick groves of Kumbuk trees and mangroves. On the banks are tropical trees. The setting brings in all round views of greenery: the spacious reception and lounge brings about panoramic view of long spread of paddy fields closed in by a mountain range.
Over the irrigation reservoir is a 90-acre cultivated land that provides the guests at Kalundewa Retreat an opportunity to gain first hand knowledge and experience local farming practices and crops.


Arriving at Kalundewa Retreat
Kalundewa Retreat is reached by a10 minute raft ride winding around massive tropical hardwood Milla trees that grows luxuriantly in and around the reservoir or by walking along a gravel path.

Suitability of Kalundewa Retreat to the children
Kalundewa Retreat is not suitable for the toddlers in view of the lake that surround it.

Architecture of Kalundewa Retreat
High timber roofs, polished cement floors and large glass windows.

Accomodation at Kalundewa Retreat

Kalundewa Retreatat Dambulla is a chalet styled eco-oriented tourist guest house that accommodates 4 guests with comfort and luxury in two fully air-conditioned bedrooms in two floors that open out to panoramic views of the countryside with lake and cultivated land.

The luxurious rooms with timber flooring are furnished with king-sized beds luxuriously draped in fine white linen. The wardrobe and the writing desk complete requirements of the luxury holiday makers. The rooms are well equipped with for luxury living in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka Holidays: plasma TV with satellite audio-visual transmission, DVD player, iPod doc, tea/coffee maker, mini-fridge, bathrobe and slippers, and hair dryer. En-suite bathrooms are set up with twin vanities, rain showers and bathtubs.

Facilities at Kalundewa Retreat

The ground floor Kalundewa Retreat features a lounge dining area that opens out to a plunge pool. Over the plunge pool is the sheltered lake rich in groves of Kumbuk trees. A personal valet, chef and other members of the staff is at hand to serve the guests.
A library upstairs is open to the guests.

Dining at Kalundewa Retreat, Dambulla

The guests at Kalundewa Retreat Dambulla have all the freedom to enjoy their meals when and where they fancy: in the villa or next to the lake at the dining area.
The set Menu makes up of a choice of local and western food.
Lunch: Sinhalese dishes of rice and curry . The rice is harvested from the paddy fields of Kalundewa Retreat itself. Vegetables too are dishes made of garden fresh products at the cultivated fields of the guest house, herbs and fruits too grown in the fields.
The secondary lounge area that consists of a small pantry equipped with fridge, cooker, microwave, crockery and cutlery serves the Sri Lanka Holiday makers well.

Activities at Kalundewa Retreat, Dambulla
Enjoying the bird life in the gardens: Malabar Pied Hornbills; Brahminy Kites; Purple Coot; Storks;Egrets; comorants etc
Cycling,Trekking in the cultivated fields and countryside
Boating in the lake sheltered with the groves of Kumbuk trees
Angling by the lake on the sheltered banks rich with vegetation
Studying the activities of the bustling colonies of bees scattered around the herbarium

Half day and one day excursions off Kalundewa Retreat, Dambulla
Mountain biking amidst the villages and the fields
Visiting the world heritage sites of Golden Dambulla Rock Temple and Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel
Visiting Minneriya National Park and Kaudulla National Park.







Amaya Lake

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Location of Amaya Lake Hotel
Kandalama Lake, Kandalama, Dambulla, Matale District, Central Province of Sri Lanka
Amaya Lake is located at Kandalama, Dambulla 102 km away from Colombo. The eco-oriented hotel is an ideal base for those looking to experience nature attractions as well as cultural attractions of Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Triangle. The World Heritage sites Golden Dambulla Rock Temple & Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel are within the distances of easy access.

Amaya lake, Cultural Triangle, Sri Lanka Holidays

Setting of Amaya Lake, Kandalama, Dambulla
The eco-oriented Amaya Lake hotel sits on the banks of ancient Kandalama man made rainwater reservoir that irrigate the agricultural zone of Dambulla. The 40-acre wooded sanctuary of the Amaya Lake hotel takes you closer to the nature.

Amaya Lake, Dambulla, Cultural triangle, Sri Lanka

Star Rating & Type of hotel: 4 star luxury chalet style hotel

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Amaya Lake, Kandalama: to be edited

Amaya-lake-dambulla, Sri Lanka

Architecture and Interior Décor of Amaya Lake, KandalamaAmaya Lake resort is built in traditional Sinhalese architecture and interior decor.

Accommodation at Amaya Lake, Kandalama, Dambulla
40-acre wooded sanctuary is home to ninety-two elegantly furnished Sinhalese chalets scattered amongst the trees. Each chalet consists of a bedroom, a spacious bathroom with shower & bathtub. Lounge area is provided with sofa & plasma screen TV. Rooms are decorated with local murals and sculptures and are furnished to a high standard. A small sitting area is separated from the bedroom, which is slightly raised, and each chalet features a terrace with a traditional long seat for relaxing.

Amaya Lake, Dambulla, Sri Lanka Holidays.


Dining at Amaya Lake, Kandalama, Dambulla
High wooden ceilings of the open-air restaurant surrounded by the nature, lays out buffet of Sinhalese & international cuisine.
Bars: Two bars of Amaya Lake provide grand views of Kandalama Lake. The open-air bar is located in the lower deck of the lobby. The nearby pool serves a full range of tropical juices, cocktails, beers & spirits.

Amaya Lake, Sri Lanka Holidays

Nature activities at Amaya Lake, Kandalama, Dambulla
Jeep driven safaris to Minneriya National Park & Kaudulla National Park
Bird watching, jungle treks, elephant safari in the surrounding areas.

Amaya Lake Dambulla Cultural Triangle Sri_Lanka Holidays

Excursions off Amaya Lake, Kandalama, Dambulla
UNESCO World Heritage site of Rangiri Dambulu Rajamaha Viharaya (Sinhala: Golden Dambulla Rock Cave Temple) at Dambulla.
& UNESCO World Heritage site Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel located within Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Triangle.


Heritance Kandalama

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Location of Heritance Kandalama
Heritance Kandalama Hotel is located 160km away from Colombo, in the village of Kandalama of Dambulla [11km]. Dambulla is the heart of Sri Lanka Holidays Cultural Triangle, a major transportation hub of North Central Plains of the island.
Distances from Heritance Kandalama to surrounding Sri Lanka Holiday attractions
UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel: 28km
UNESCO World Heritage Site of Golden Dambulla Rock Temple: 10km
Heritance Kandalama Sri Lanka Holidays

Setting of Heritance Kandalama
A magnificent setting: overlooked by the Knuckles hills, by the side of scenic ancient Kandalama irrigation reservoir, the grand hotel emerging from a light tropical jungle, adorned with carefully nurtured yet lush foliage, twists its way 968m along a rocky outcrop. In spite of the modern architecture, we are next to nature. The hotel symbolizes the best in Sinhalese ecological design you would witness throughout Sri Lanka Holidays.
Heritance Kandalama.

Heritance Kandalama, Dumbulla, Sri Lanka Holidays.
Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of Heritance Kandalama Hotel: Aitken Spence, the owning/managing company of Heritance Kandalama Hotel claims.

When the project was first mooted and proposed in the early 1990s, it wasn’t many who believed 152 room hotel could be built with minimal impact upon the zone whose stability of the environment was essential to the climatic conditions of the agricultural district of Dambulla. Yet Heritance Kandalama was to prove that it was possible for large hotels to testify to allegiance to green concepts or the eco-orientation as the small hotels.
The entire building is constructed upon a platform held aloft by reinforced concrete columns so that the natural drainage of rain water of the Dambulla agricultural zone during the rainy seasons wouldn’t be fouled up.
Furthermore, Heritance Kandalama claims that it harvests rainwater and recycle water for gardening.
Heritance Kandalama hotel was awarded the “Green Globe 21 Certified Hotel” status, the first of its kind in Asia.

Heritance Kandalama, Sri Lanka Holidays
Type of the Hotel and Star rating of Heritance Kandalama Hotel: A 5 star eco –oriented luxury hotel

Architecture & Interior deco of Heritance Kandalama
Architecture of Heritance Kandalama is succulently summed up by Geoffrey Bawa Trust, the custodian of the architectural conceptions of Sri Lanka’s foremost architect.
“Bawa’s work is characterized by sensitivity to site and context. He produced ‘sustainable architecture’ long before the term was coined, and had developed his own ‘regional modernist’ stance well in advance of the theoreticians. His designs broke down the barriers between inside and outside, between interior design and landscape architecture and reduced building to a series of scenographically conceived spaces separated by courtyards & gardens.
Geoffrey Bawa’s conceptions of adapting architecture to suit the environment has been most eloquently exemplified in Heritance Kandalama at Dambulla. Dambulla is home to Sri Lanka Holidays attraction of Golden Dambulla Rock Cave Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site protected by UNESCO sponsored Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle.

Heritance-Kandalama-Hotel-Cultural Traingle, Sri-Lanka Holidays
Accommodation at Heritance Kandalama
Heritance Kandalama consists 152 luxury rooms: Superior Rooms in the Dambulla wing; Luxury Rooms in the Sigiriya wing & Deluxe Rooms [some of the rooms bring in views of Kandalama lake and the low hills of Kandalama]
Suites that are ideal for the families provide all with ample space for relaxation.

Heritance Kandalama

Facilities at Heritance Kandalama
Dining: restaurants & bars
Kanchana Restaurant: buffet of wide range of wide range of Sri Lankan food, as well as the best of international cuisine.
Kaludiya Restaurant: fine dining: a global a la carte dinner in sophisticated ambiance.
Kachan Café and Kachan Bar offer a range of snacks, beers, spirits and wines.

Heritance Kandalama at Dumbulla, Sri Lanka

Leisure and Recreation at Heritance Kandalama
Kachchan Pool is built in way so as to be seen bordering the ancient Kqandalama irrigation reservoir.
Kaludiya Pool is built upon the dark bed rock on which the structure of the building itself is built.
Activities in the area surrounding Heritance Kandalama
Nature trails, eco park, cycling, trekking
Hot air balloon trips, boat trips in the Kandalama lake.
Heritance Kandalama at Dumbulla, Sri Lanka.

Excursions off Heritance Kandalama
Rangiri Dambulu (Sinhala: Golden Dambulla) Rock Cave Temple at Dmbaulla located 10km east of Heritance Kandalama
Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel located 28km north of Heritance Kandalama
Both of above Sri Lanka Holidays cultural attractions are UNESCO World Heritage sites located within Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle.


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Vil Uyana

Kandalama Heritance



Amaya Hills

Saman Villas

Elephant Corridor

Deer Park Hotel

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