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Bentota Rooms

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Bentota Beach located 64km south of Colombo is the prime bay beach resort of Sri Lanka. Though High Range Rooms, Mid Range Rooms and Budget Range Rooms are available all along the stretches of loveliest palm fringed beaches of golden sands, during the high season, the rooms are hard to come by.

Club Bentota, Bentota Beach, SrI lanka Holidays

Club Bentota, Bentota Beach, SrI Lanka Holidays

The next best options are available in the nearby beaches to the north and south of Bentota:
Aluthgama 1km to the north
Beruwala 6km to the north
Induruwa 4km to the south
Kosgoda 10km to the south
Ahungalla 12km to the south

Bentota National Holiday Resort (NHR)

Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka

Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka Holidays

Some of the finest accommodation options at Bentota are located within the perimeter of the Bentota National Holiday Resort, an enchanting rendezvous of beach, lagoon and river, that spreads over an area of 100 acres. The verdant land of many hues and tones of green is sandwiched between Bentota Beach and A2 Galle – Colombo main motor road. Running through Bentota National Holiday Resort (NHR) and along the coast is Colombo-Galle southern railway line.
The southern railway line of Colombo to Galle that runs via Bentota, parallel to the A2 Colombo-Galle main motor road, has now been extended, with a design speed of 120km/h to Kataragama, the domain of God Skanda via Hambantota and Belliatta, the hometown or rather, the village of the Hero of Modern Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Colombo to Bentota

Colombo to Bentota, Sri Lanka Holidays

Paradise Island, Bentota
The prime block of real estate at Bentota Beach, aptly called “The Paradise Island” is a couple of hundred meters long tongue of land that that stretches from south to north terminating at the spectacular site of the confluence of the Indian Ocean and River Bentara ganga also called Bentota River. Hotels named Bentota Beach, Hotel Ceysands and Club Bentota are located in this well sheltered delightful peninsula of year round tropical vegetation. In terms of the natural location sheltered from the tropical sun, these hotels are second to none other in Bentota or anywhere else in Sri Lanka.

Bentota Beach Hotel at Bentota, Sri Lanka Holidays

Bentota Beach Hotel at Bentota, Sri Lanka Holidays

Sri Lanka Hotels located in the Paradise Island
Bentota Beach Hotel: 139 room luxury hotel [4 star]
Hotel Ceysands: 84 room luxury hotel [4 star]
Club Bentota: 146 room hotel [2 star]

Club Bentota, Bentota, Sri Lanka Holidays

Club Bentota, Bentota, Sri Lanka Holidays

Bentota Hotels immediately south of the Paradise Island, Bentota
Vivanta by Taj, Bentota: 162 room beachfront luxury hotel [4 star]
Hotel Serendib: 90 room beachfront luxury hotel [3 star]
The Surf (Formerly Lihiniya Surf Hotel, Lihiniya: Sinhala – Eagle), Bentota: 86 room beachfront luxury hotel [3 star]

Though these High Range Hotels aren’t not located in the peninsula itself, being immediately south of it, they brings great joys to the water sports lovers, the beach lovers holidaying in Sri Lanka Holidays Bentota on the south western coast that is replete with coconut palm sheltered pristine beaches: Ambalangoda, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Koggala, Mirissa (off-shore whales during November to April), Dikwella, Tangalla and Hambantota of Deep South of Sri Lanka Holidays. With the on-going projects of Magampura Mahinda Rajapakse Port, Mattala Mahinda Rajapakse Int’l Airport, 300-acre Mirijjawila dry zone botanical garden and completed Sooriyawewa Mahinda Rajapakse Int’l Cricket Stadium, Hambantota has become the focal point of the development of Modern Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s Sri Lanka’s first E Class highway called the Southern Lanka Express Highway [design speed is 120km/h; operational speed is 100km/h] that runs from Kottawa of Colombo district to Pinnaduwa [95km] of Galle district is scheduled to be extended to Matara [further 35km] in the year 2013 and then on to Mattala International Airport, Hambantota [further 75km] in an accelerated project.

Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka

Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka

Bentota Hotels located south of the Bentota Beach
Saman Villas: 26 room luxury boutique hotel located on a headland 3km south of Bentota beach

Saman Villas at Bentota, Sri Lanka Holidays

Saman Villas at Bentota, Sri Lanka Holidays

Bentota Hotels Inland
Hotel Bentota Village: 16 room hotel, few minutes’ walk to Bentota Beach, 2 star
Hotel Susantha’s: 17 room hotel, few minutes’ walk to Bentota Beach, 1 star
Villa Bentota (formerly Mohotti Walauwa): 15 room hotel [High range Boutique Hotel]
Lunuganga: 6 room boutique hotel on the banks of Lake Dedduwa, 5km inland from Bentota beach
Nisala Arana: 6 room hotel 3km inland from Bentota beach
Sakura Villa Bentota: 5 room hotel 4km inland from Benota Beach 3.5KM
Shangri Lanka Villa Boutique Guest House: 5 suite hotel, few minutes’ walk to Bentota Beach
Villa Sri Pali: 5 room guest house, 5-minutes’ drive from Bentota Beach

Aluthgama Beach hotels north of Bentota Beach
Lanka Princess Hotel, Alutgama: 105 room hotel near the beach budget range
Riverdale Eco Resort, Moragolla, Aluthgama: 10 room villa on the banks of Bentara River at Bentota

Beruwala Beach Hotels north of Bentota beach
Eden Resort and Spa, Kaluwamodera, Beruwala:158 room beachfront hotel [4 star]
Heritance Ayurveda Mahagedara (formerly Neptune Ayurveda Village), Moragalla, Beruwala: 64 room hotel [3 star]
Taparosa Footprints, Moragalla, Beruwala: 58 room beachfront hotel [3 star ]
The Palms, Moragalla, Beruwala; 100 room beach front hotel [3 star ]
Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, Moragolla, Aluthgama: 75 room beachfront hotel [1 star]
Hotel Sumadai, Beruwala; 19 room hotel on the bank of Sillia Lake [3 star]
Ypsylon Tourist Resort offers beachfront accommodation in Beruwela’s tourist site. [2 star]
Roy Villa Beach Hotel is 20 meters from Bentota Beach [2 star]
Lanka Princess Hotel: 111 room hotel close to the beach, budget range
Hotel Nilwala, Kaluwamodara, Beruwela:10 room villa on the banks of Bentara River at Bentota

Bentota Hotels at Induruwa Beach 6km south of Bentota Beach
Oasey Beach Hotel, Galboda, Induruwa: 14 room beachfront hotel [3 star]
Induruwa Beach Resort, Kaikawala, Induruwa: 84 room beachfront hotel [3 star]
Emerald Bay, Induruwa, 50 room beachfront hotel [3 star]
Sign of Life Resort Athuruwella Induruwa: 8 room beachfront Ayurvedic retreat [2 star]
Temple Tree Resort & Spa, Induruwa: 10 room beachfront hotel
Royal Beach Resort, Induruwa: 15 room beachfront hotel
Sea Rock Villa, Induruwa: 5 suit beachfront villa
Shunyata Villa, Induruwa: 5 room beachfront hotel
Hotels at Kosgoda Beach 10km south of Bentota
Ayurveda Kuma Villa, Talgahapitiya Road, Kosgoda: 4 room beachfront Ayurvedic retreat
Kosgoda Beach Resort, 2, Nape, Kosgoda: 42 room beachfront hotel
Hotels at Ahungalla Beach 12km south of Bentota
Heriance Ahungalle: 152 room beachfront luxury hotel [4 star]

Sri Lanka Hotels at Balapitiya Beach 14km south of Bentota
Niroga in Maduganga Villa, Samagi Mawatha, Mahalduwa, Balapitiya: 5 room villa in the island of River Madu Ganga
[River Maduganga affords opportunities for boat safaris in River Madu Ganga, rambling around the18 islets rich with birdlife lined with mangroves]
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