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WildGrass Nature Resort

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

WildGrass Nature Resort, Sigiriya

Location of WildGrass Nature Resort, Sigiriya
WildGrass Nature Resort, a jungle hideaway is located at 175 km away from Colombo in Lenawa of the Kumbukkadanwala village in the background of the forest of Sigiriya. Proudest feature in the zone of Sigiriya is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel. WildGrass Nature Resort is within 15 minutes drive from Sri Lanka Holidays Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel as well as from Golden Dambulla Rock Cave Temple. Kaludiya Pokuna [Sinhala: Black Water Pond], an ancient large bathing pond enchantingly set within the all green surroundings, is 5 minutes away from this eco resort.
The location of WildGrass hotel at Sigiriya, the at the heart of Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle make it a convenient base to do excursions to the UNESCO World Heritage cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Golden Dambulla Rock Temple.

Wild Grass Nature Resort restaurant, Sigiriya
Setting of WildGrass Nature Resort
WildGrass Nature Resort is luxurious eco-retreat set amidst the 30 acres unfenced wilderness bordering the of all green forests over the village of Kumbukkadanwala. The premises of the resort, rich in birdlife is visited by deer, rabbits and wild boar.

Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of WildGrass Nature Resort
WildGrass Nature Resort had adopted a nature conservation philosophy preserving the natural eco-systems of the rural area. Out of the requirements of fruits and vegetables at the resort, some are cultivated within the premises by using Organic farming methods. The shortfall is bought from the villagers of the surrounding areas.

Wild Grass Nature Resort, Sigiriya, Cultural Triangle

Architectural concept of WildGrass Nature Resort, Sigiriya
The villas at WildGrass Nature Resort is built in Sri Lankan traditions in architecture is blended with modern day requirements of luxury living. The floor to ceiling glass windows of spacious villas are designed to afford panoramic views of the wilderness.

Wild Grass Nature Resort, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Accommodation at WildGrass Nature Resort, Sigiriya
Accommodation at WildGrass Nature Resort is set with a 5 beautifuly designed villas equipped with modern amenities each one at least 50 feet away from others so that total privacy is secured at all times. Each villa consists of a living room with a comfortable sofa that can also be used as a day bed; dining room with a six-seater dining table; open-air terrace.

WildGrass Resort Sigiriya, Sri Lanka Holidays
One bedroom villas
One bedroom villas with floor space of 1,800 sq ft are designed for 3 guests features a living room, dining room on the ground floor. On the upper floor is air-conditioned room with en-suite bathroom

Two bed room villas
Family villas with floor space of 2,600 sq ft are designed for families consists of a luxurious master suite and an additional double bedroom which can accommodate up to four guests. Each bedroom has cable TV and en-suite bathrooms with open air hot water and cold water showers.

Wild Grass Nature Resort, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka Holidays

In-room facilities at WildGrass Nature Resort, Sigiriya
Flat-screen TV with satellite channels, wireless internet, IDD telephone
Minibar, tea/coffee facility
Reading material, board and card games.
Each villa is provided with two mountain bicycles to ride to dining pavilion and slso to explore the village

Activities at WildGrass Nature Resort, Sigiriya
Bird watching, hiking along the jungle treks, fishing in the lake, meditation and yoga.

One day excursions off WildGrass Nature Resort, Sigiriya
Touring main Sri Lanka Holidays cultural attractions located within the Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle:
Golden Dambulla Rock Cave temple and Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel
Ancient city of Anuradhapura
Ancient city of Polonnaruwa and neighboring Minneriya National Park is also located nearby.


Elephant Corridor

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Elephant Corridor Hotel, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Elephant Corridor Hotel is located just 4 km away from the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel of Sri Lanka in a hamlet called Kimbissa. Golden Dambulla Rock Cave Temple, another UNESCO World Heritage Site is 20 minutes drive away from Elephant Corridor Hotel.

Arrival arrangements to Elephant Corridor Luxury Boutique Hotel
Airport pick-up by a luxury car can be scheduled with the hotel or its agents.
The tourists arriving at CMB Colombo Bandranayake International Airport enjoy the option of directly traveling to Elephant Corridor Hotel by helicopter. hotel is equipped with a helipad. Helicopter bookings from CMB Colombo Bandaranyakae Int’l Airport to private heliport at boutique can be arranged.
Motor vehicles aren’t allowed into the boutique. The parking lot being located quite a distance away from the hotel, so that the tranquility of the hotel environment wouldn’t be disturbed, the guests are driven in a golf cart to the vast open reception area.

Wild Elephants at Elephant Corridor Hotel
None. The resident elephant is of course, a tamed one. It is unlikely to sight the elephants at the hotel in spite of its lovely name: Elephant Corridor. But then large herds of elephants can be seen in the one-day excursions to Sri Lanka Holidays Minneriya National Park and nearby Kaudulla National Park.

Elephant Corridor Hotel is scenically located between Minneriya National Park and Sigiriya. Elephant Corridor Hotel sitting pretty in 200 acres of scrubland that is open to all wild beings encapsulates everything surrounding it: nature and wildlife.. The hotel layout and design takes full advantage of the extensive land that is available and is almost a small village of its own.
The concept of the hotel is ultimate seclusion blended with unbridled luxury in sheer wilderness. The well maintained 200 acres of sprawling unfenced wilderness gardens of Elephant Corridor hotel are haven for the visitors from the wild: buffaloes, monkeys, frogs, bats, crawling monitors, butterflies and lovely peacocks and numerous birds.
The villas and the recreational facilities at Elephant Corridor Hotel are well spread out making the invaluable advantage of the extensive land setting up pathways populated with bird and butterflies and bordered by the wilderness. Though all the facilities are located in the easy walking distances, for the benefit of those who would like to avoid walking, bicycles or electro cars are provided.

Elephant corridor Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials
The grand project of Elephant Corridor Hotel designed by legendary architect Anton Jacob is the first luxury boutique hotel in Sri Lanka in March 2003. According to the owners of the hotel, not a single tree was felled during the construction of the villas and other structures. Definitely that’s a distinctly commendable achievement. The rooms are built in such a way to retain the natural surroundings to the furthest possible extent, enforces environmentally friendly practices to the best of its concept.


Architecture and interior deco
Elephant Corridor Hotel’s accommodation consists of well furnished 20 spacious villa like suits that afford panoramic views of wilderness, lake and the mountains beyond. The suits are set up with private terraces within secluded private garden of its own. On the terrace of each suite is a plunge pool that affords the guests absolute privacy.
Elephant Corridor luxury boutique hotel has been into the sheer luxury in utter wilderness. Each suit is built with hand carved granite walls, well polished concrete, Teak ceilings and Italian tiles. German fittings and Egyptian cotton compliment each and every suit.

Elephant Corridor Hotel’s accommodation consists of well furnished 20 spacious suits richly furnished with furniture produced in Sri Lanka: Four-poster beds, couches and recliners
Other facilities: a large TV with DVD player and satellite access, hi-fi stereo system, cordless phone, extensive liquor cabinet and mini-wine cellar, an in-room safe for your possessions
Bath rooms: the en-suite bathrooms have a bath tub, a multi-jet shower and a separate toilet. Also available are kimonos and slippers.
Private terraces and private plunge pools afford the guests absolute privacy.
Deluxe suites: the deluxe suites are equipped with all of the facilities and amenities listed above.
Super Deluxe suites: more spacious than Deluxe suits and fitted with twin vanities in the en-suite bathrooms.
Romantic suites: set up with indoor plunge pool within the suite itself. Fixed onto the canopy of the bed is a mirror. A couple of TV sets within the suite round up the conveniences.
Royal suites: the much larger outdoor plunge pool, a separate dressing room within still more space than the above suites.
Presidential Villa: with no less than four bedrooms, two dining and sitting rooms complete with an eight-seater dining table; two large plunge pools with a bridge connecting the rooms, the luxurious Presidential Villa is designed for families traveling together:

Facilities at Elephant Corridor Hotel
In-house facilities
The all suits luxury hotel avail all 5 star amenities and facilities to its guests.

Communication and business facilities
Wireless Internet access is available throughout the hotel
IDD accessible cordless phone
Conference room and business center are located in the central area.

Dining Facilities
Ambrosia restaurant
Bringing in stunning panoramic views surrounding plains and ancient Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel City is Elephant Corridor Hotel’s “Ambrosia” restaurant to serve an extensive menu: Sri Lankan, Eastern, Western and Fusion cuisine, à la Carte and set menus.

Fables & Tales bar
Fables & Tales bar equipped with library and pool table, serves drinks and snacks. In addition to the Fables & Tales Bar is the Jungle Bar by the swimming pool.

Leisure and wellness facilities
The large circular swimming pool, located away from the central area is luxurious. The lovely grounds that make way for walks is a trail of butterflies and birds.
Also available is a small fitness room with steam bath and sauna.

Spa treatments at “Om” Wellness Spa
The Ayurvedic and Wellness Spa called Om Wellness Spa is open from 9 am to 6 pm daily.
The spa menu includes several Ayurveda and aromatherapy relaxation therapies using herbal oils.
Om Wellness Spa is located amidst the sheer wilderness: birds never end their chirp; rustling leaves ruffled by the breeze are eternally restless while you experience absolute relaxation with your outdoor herbal bath or body massage.
The fragrant oils used in the spa are extracted from flowers, plants, roots or seed of Sri Lanka associated with Ayurvedic treatments. The guests are free to choose timings for aromatherapy body massage for their specific needs; with an array of packages for aches, stimulation, stress relief and detoxification.
The spa is an inspiration: it can set a reinvigorating tone for your emotions and heal your body. There is a range of spas to choose from at your own sweet will. Guests may even choose their own oils to be massaged with. Here is the opportunity in treat yourself with refreshing and rejuvenating therapies including Bali Coffee Scrub, Aloe and Lavender Body Wrap that would exfoliate, moisturize and soothe your body.
Treatment Packages: Aromatherapy Body Massage; Aromatherapy Body Scrub and Bath; Aromatherapy Facial; Aromatherapy Manicure & Pedicure; Tropical Body Polish; Cocooning Body Wrap; Natural Facial; Asian Massage; Ayurvedic Omness; Om Potpourri.

Sports facilities
Gym, cricket net, archery range and swimming pool

In-room facilities
Room service
Elephant Corridor Hotel do not hinder the freedom of its guests with set timings for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The flexibilities in dining options at Elephant Corridor Luxury hotel is personalized to the greatest extent.
You are encouraged to dine wherever and whenever you wish: dine in your own private suite, private garden, under a tree or the stars – wherever and whenever you wish. Also arranged are private BBQs or Breakfast in Bed.
An artist easel with painting materials and binoculars too are provided.

Wildlife and Nature specials
The friendly resident elephant is at your service to take you on a ride in the area surrounding Elephant Corridor Hotel.
The luxury boutique hotel also offers elephant care classes for nature lovers.

Excursions to the surrounding area
Numerous nature trails within the gardens of Elephant Corridor Hotel and surroundings afford the opportunities for exploration accompanied by the resident naturalist at the hotel.
Among the set excursions are elephant back riding, bird watching and horse riding. Bicycles too available for those who would like to explore the surroundings by themselves.

One-day Excursions
Elephant Corridor Hotel is ideally situated to make excursions to all surrounding tourist attractions, cultural as well as wildlife in the making the best of time and motion economy. While those interested in cultural sites find the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel City and Golden Dambulla Rock Cave Temple and Aluvihare temple at Matale and Kalawewa ancient rainwater reservoir, within easy reach, the wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers could immerse themselves in bird watching, nature walks, elephant rides and some adventurous tours to the local Minneriya, Kaudulla National Park, the Ritigala Mountain wildlife reserve and ancient monastery, Pidurangala Rock Cave Temple, National Namal Uyana Park, and Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.

Alternative option to Elephant Corridor Hotel in accommodation: Jetwing Vil Uyana, Sigiriya.



Jetwing Vil Uyana

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Jetwing Vil Uyana, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Jetwing Vil Uyana‘s Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials: Jetwing Youth Development Project (JYDP) 2006 This project won the PATA Grand Award 2007 for Training and Education Link to the hotel web site still to be provided.

Riolta Remarks by bunpeiris: The stupendous eco-oriented achievement of a hotel spread over 24 acres, consists of a wetland system of paddy fields, marshes & waterways reintroduced by a developer with tremendous pioneering spirit, imagination & daring. It is almost a shot at nature man made. Jetwing Vil Uyana experience encapsulates the consummate combination of the irrigation heritage & natural wonders of the island nation. The poperty in the extensive dry zone flat lands of the tropical island of Sri Lanka is immediately to the west of UNESCO World Heritage Site Lion Rock Citadel Sigiriya. “Jetwing Vil Uyana” meaning “garden of ponds” in Sinhalese is envisaged as a natural extension of ancient Sinhalese Irrigation by ancient Sinhalese kings who developed the ancient island of Sri Lanka.


Location : Located 169 km from Colombo & 153 km from Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB), Katunayake, with a view of Lion Rock Citadel Sigiriya, one of the seven UNESCO World heritage Sites of Sri Lanka Holidays.

Setting: Back to the nature to the hilt.

Luxurious Accommodation at Sri Lanka Holidays Jetwing Vil Uyana is in the form of 25 individual dwellings on stilts situated in three distinct habitats – water, paddy field and forest. These huge, luxurious dwellings, connected by wooden walkways, have timber flooring, ceilings of rattan and bamboo, and sloping roofs thatched with coconut palm. Furnished with luxurious king size beds, each dwelling has a private outdoor deck with scenic views and an outdoor dining area. Some have plunge pools on the deck and even private swimming pools. The bathrooms are spacious and elegantly designed with a large sunken bathtub and rain showers. Other facilities include a/c, IDD telephone, mini bar, 29” flat screen TV and satellite channels, coffee/tea making facilities, Bose DVD/CD Home Entertainment system, electronic safe, and even your own sarong, pair of reed slippers and umbrella.

a) Water dwellings: The three water dwellings (each 1,240 sq. ft) are built over a waterway filled with lotuses. Each has a timber decks that juts out over the water providing a picturesque view of the numerous water birds that inhabits the area. A separate dining deck over looking the water provides for dining under the stars.

b) Paddy field dwellings: These six dwellings (each 1,240 sq. ft) are built over paddy fields and have small plunge pools on the deck. The village farmers harvest the paddy fields during the season providing a special insight into paddy cultivation.

c) Marsh dwellings: Six dwellings (each 1,240 sq ft.) are situated over the marsh area. Two have plunge pools on the decks.

d) Forest dwellings: Bordering the wilderness at Jetwing Vil Uyana are the ten luxurious Forestdwellings (each 2,110 sq. ft.). Each of these two story villas has a 22 ft x 10 ft. private swimming pool. The ground floor consists of an open cemented lounge area with plush floor cushions overlooking the swimming pool and the scenic views beyond, an indoor courtyard, and elegant en suite toilet with bath tub and rain water shower. A large spectacular bedroom with an attached toilet with a w/c, and private balcony, occupies the second floor.

Facilities: Jetwing Vil Uyana has several dining options including two restaurant areas: Sulang café, surrounded by water, and Apsara fine dining restaurant with magnificent views of Sri Lanka Holidays Lion Rock Citadel Sigiriya. Other dining options include Spa dining at the Island Spa, Signature dining on the deck within the privacy of your own dwelling, Cellar dining at Vil Uyana’s excellently-stocked wine cellar, and outdoor dining at the Kamatha by the paddy fields, where a typical village rice and curry meal is offered on a banana leaf. Sinhalese rice and curries and international cuisine is on offer. A special vegetarian menu is also available. Jetwing Vil Uyana’s tranquil library is filled with numerous titles including books on Sri Lanka and had the most relaxing situation, with a lotus-filled pond on one side and a waterway on the other.

The Island Spa & Wellness Center consists of a fully-equipped A/C gym surrounded by water, a yoga pavilion, and a wellness center headed by an Ayurvedic Physician. Aromatherapy and Ayurveda herbal oils are used for the wide array of relaxing during your stay at Sri Lanka Holidays Jetwing Vil Uyana.




Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Sigiriya Village, Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel, Sri Lanka



Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of the hotel.
The restaurant of Sri Lanka Holidays Sigiriya Village offers organic & local food: all meals are prepared using fresh produce directly from the hotel’s extensive organic farm. SigiriyaVillage takes pride in offering guests their own home grown fruit and vegetables.
All the herbal oils, scrubs, and wraps used at the on-site Ayurvedic  Centre for the therapies are prepared using herbs from the hotel’s own garden. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the indigenous, ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda, which provides the most natural methods of relaxing one’s body and mind.

Location: Sri  Lanka Holidays Sigiriya Village is located 169 km from Colombo & 165 km from Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB), Katunayake Airport, the hotel is close to the Lion Rock Citadel Sigiriya.

Setting:   “back to the nature style”. With a view of Lion Rock Citadel Sigiriya, Sri Lanka Holidays Sigiriya village is comprised of small duplexes designed to blend it with their natural environment. The earth-toned cottages in clusters set in parkland so even during the high season, the gardens retain the serene atmosphere, mingle into the environment. Ideally, you too may avoid bright colours & wear cloths of matching colours & blend into the environment. Now, that cannot get any better.

Accommodation: 120 individually designed earth-toned cottages of Sri  Lanka Holidays Sigiriya Village brings in enchanting rural atmosphere, each with a bedroom, en-suite bathroom, and private verandah overlooking carefully nurtured gardens & ponds, are decorated carefully with themes symbolic of rustic life.

Facilities: Recreational facilities at Sri Lanka Holidays Sigiriya Village include a swimming pool with separate children’s pool The hotel further offers guests mini-golf, badminton, tennis and board games on the premises. Mini golf – Badminton – Tennis – Jogging track

Meals are served at the main dining area overlooking the swimming pool and the magnificent Lion Rock citadel Sigiriya which looms over the treetops. Traditional Sri Lanka rice and curry is a speciality here. Buffets – with Western and Eastern food — are served for breakfast and lunch. There is also an a la carte menu and room service menu.

Leisure: Bird-watching, Elephant ride & ttraditional dance and music troupes provide nightly entertainment within the main restaurant area.

Excursions: Lion Rock citadel Sigiriya (UNESCO World Heritage Site) (You are right there); Golden Dambulla Rock temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site) (round trip 48 km); Anuradhapura, (UNESCO World Heritage Site) (round trip 164 km); Polonnaruwa (UNESCO World Heritage Site) (round trip 134 km).



Saturday, January 17th, 2009

Sigiriya Hotel, Sigiriya Lion Rock Citadel, Sri Lanka


Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials of the hotel
To be edited. Link to the hotel website still to be provided.

Sri Lanka Holidays Sigiriya hotel is located close to Habarana Road in the cultural triangle 62 km north east fromBandaranaike International Airport (CMB), Katunayake & 170km north east of Colombo.

Sri Lanka Holidays Sigiriya, a tranquil hotel amidst rich foliage is built with possibly the best view of Lion Rock Citadel Sigiriya, a UNESCO world heritage site in Central Province of  Sri Lanka. The property is an ideal blend of nature & culture yet without a compromise of comforts of a luxury setting. There is a good range of wildlife in & around the cool woodland gardens


Hotel Sigiriya consists of 80 well furnished A/C rooms each with balcony & terrace with direct access to enchantingly landscaped garden with greenery all around. All rooms are provided with hot & cold water, telephone, piped music, fire place, cable TV, shower & bath tub & laundry facilities.


Among the main facilities are King Kassapa Cocktail Bar (A/C), Wild Otters restaurant, Ayurvedice Health Centre & Freshwater swimming pool with children’s pool bordering the jungle & offering a panoramic view of the Lion Rock Citadel Sigiriya.
The Interpretation Room is well equipped books (on culture, nature & historical attractions for your to engage in research), TV & DVD, a telescope for star gazing


Treks on elephant back, Bird watching trails – easy, medium & difficult trails. The hotel has been recognised as a bird-friendly one by the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka

Elephant observation Safaris
A jeep safari at Minneriya National Park with abundance of wild elephants.

The recent brand ratings evaluated by Brand Finance Limited (Pvt) Ltd. and published in the LMD issue of April 2008, rates Sigiriya Hotel, among the top 100 Brands in Sri Lanka.








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Vil Uyana

Kandalama Heritance



Amaya Hills

Saman Villas

Elephant Corridor

Deer Park Hotel

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