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Sri Lanka Holidays Dutch Bay Island

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Sri Lanka Holidays
Dutch Bay Island is located close to where Portugal bay meets Dutch bay of the Kalpitiya peninsula of the Puttalama lagoon in the north western coastal belt of beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Holidays
Kalpitiya peninsula is a sandy stretch of land about 30 miles long and 4-5 miles wide with Indian ocean to the west & Puttalama lagoon to the east. Across the lagoon to the east in the mainland is Thambapanni (Puttalama) where the founder of the island nation, Prince Vijaya & his 700 followers arrived from Bengal, East India in 543 B.C.

The Dutch Bay Island
The Dutch Bay Island was so named by the Dutch colonialists (1656-1796), who captured the Portuguese Fort at Kalpitiya to engage in trade of arecanuts & salt, the products of the region.


Sri Lanka Holidays Dutch Bay Island significance
Sri Lanka Holidays
Kalpitiya peninsula is also a marine sanctuary: a spectrum of diverse habitats consists of bar reefs, mangrove swamps, salt marshes flat coastal plains, saltpans and vast sand dune beaches. The area has been earmarked by the government of Sri Lanka for high-end tourism of Sri Lanka Holidays.

Sri Lanka Holidays Dutch Bay Resorts Development
Sri Lanka Holidays
‘Dutch Bay Resorts’ in the supremely serene coastal area of Kalpitiya peninsula will be open for the tourists on the 11. 11. 2011 at 11.11 a.m. The foundation stone of the Sri Lanka Holidays Dutch Bay Resorts, spread over1600 hectares, was laid on 9. 9. 2009 at the premises secured by the Six Senses group in the year 2008.

Sri Lanka Holidays Dutch Bay Resorts accommodation
60 luxurious mangrove boutique chalets are designed to be built within the inland water bodies while the 20 two storey Signature Villas are designed to be set up in the Lagoon itself.

Sri Lanka Holidays Dutch Bay Resorts developer

Six Senses, a renowned international hospitality chain has closed ranks with and ‘Swarna Dweep’ the hospitality developers based in Bahrain. ‘Dutch Bay Resorts’, an up-market luxury resort ( 6 star) of hideaway boutique chalets and the Signature villas will be managed by Six Senses under the commercial name ‘Six Senses Hideaway at Dutch Bay’.

Sri Lanka Holidays comments by few good men at the top
“The location is pure, untouched Sri Lankan beauty; tapping into new local destinations would create still more reasons for tourists to travel to the island.” Minister of Tourism Promotion in Sri Lanka, Faizer Mustapha

“It’s wonderful for Sri Lanka Tourism to tap into previously unexploited holiday destinations within the country” Bernard Goonetilleke, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau

“This would also help in realizing the goal set by the President of 2.5 million tourists by 2016; especially because we only have 17,000 rooms as opposed to the 5,000 more needed to host such a capacity.” Minister of Tourism Promotion in Sri Lanka, Faizer Mustapha

“The price range of the new hotel would start at USD 350 for smaller chalets while larger villas will cost approximately USD 800-1000.” Neil de Silva, Chairman of Dutch Bay Resorts.

Sri Lanka Holidays Dutch Bay Resorts is the first development project within “Kalpitiya Integrated Tourism Development Project”, the mega tourism project of Sri Lanka.

In September 2008, The Ministry of Tourism, Sri Lanka declared on its plans to launch an ambitious project (total investment:US$4 billion; number of islets:14; allocated length of 30 mile long peninsula: 8 miles; acerage: 4000 acres; number of rooms: 4000-5000; service: 4-6 personnel per room to guarantee luxury service) named ‘Kalpitiya Integrated Tourism Development Project’, a public private partnership (PPP) to begin in 2009 & to have it developed within 5 years, to attract ‘ultra-rich’ tourists to the luxury accommodations in the Kalpitiya Dutch Bay Region with golf courses, amusement parks, observation towers and even a full-fledged international airport for which an airstrip has already been mapped out in Palavi close to the naval base. The project that could be identified with the mini city concept will have expanded infrastructure facilities: road development, electricity, hospitals and condominiums.

Sri Lanka Holidays Dreamweavers with sustainable Tourism
According to Mr. Prasad Galhena, project director of Kalpitiya Integrated Tourism Development, the whole project is completely eco-friendly with sustainable power generation and consumption, green technology, green building design. The islands will feature luxury accommodations and condominiums.

“We hope to impose mandatory requirements, such as the growing of vegetables and fruits for the resort by people in the adjoining areas, which would invariably benefit and uplift living standards of local residents as well” Mr. Neil De Silva, Chairman, Dutch Bay Resorts.

Sri Lanka Holidays caution: possible loss of water layer below the soil
Sri Lanka Holidays
Kalpitiya peninsula is also a freak of nature. It has no rock surface underlying the soil. What it has below the soil is sea. For centuries rain has filtered through the sand forming a layer of fresh water. The development of Kalpitiya peninsula mustn’t end with loss of fresh water layer.

Swarana Dweep meaning Golden Island in Sanskrit to the front at Kalpitiya
Swarna Dweep is a Public Limited Company established by Norwich International Consultants together with a team of highly qualified Europeans and a Sri Lankan Entrepreneur currently operating in Europe and the Middle East. Swarna Dweep has been established in Sri Lanka under the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007. Swarna Dweep will focus on the development of world-class, 21st Century sustainable Tourism, Real Estate and Transportation portfolios with a target Internal Rate of Return (IRR) in excess of 21% over the 5 year term of the equity fund in the current market conditions. Swarna Dweep will operate a close ended fund denominated in US Dollars and already has approval from the Sri Lankan Government Board of Investment (BOI) to repatriate the funds with a 15 year tax holiday.

Invest in Sri Lanka: contact Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka Now.  Click here to visit BOI website.

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