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Poseidon Diving Station

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Location of Poseidon
Poseidon Scuba Diving has its hub at the southern bay beach of Hikkaduwa, home to Sri Lanka’s first ever marine sanctuary. Hikkaduwa is located 80km south of Colombo on the southwestern costal belt of Sri Lanka.
Poseidon Diving Station, 304 Galle Road, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka [South western Coast of Sri Lanka-season: November to April]
Poseidon Diving Station, 9th mile post, Nilaveli, Trincomalee [North Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka-season: April to October]

PADI scuba diving courses at Poseidon Hikkaduwa
Poseidon is the first five star scuba diving center in Sri Lanka. PADI scuba diving courses at Poseidon has 2-3 diving trip to local shipwrecks and Reef & rock formations. All diving trips are guided by local divemasters with many years of experience in diving. PADI scuba diving team at Poseidon: 3 PADI Diving instructors and 4 divemasters.

Poseidon Diving Station, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka Holidays

Safe diving with Poseidon at Hikkaduwa
Poseidon Scuba Diving Station is the prime dive center in Sri Lanka. The ship wrecks, reef and rock formations are all within an easy boat ride where the visibility is up to 25m in safe, warm water.

Scuba Diving at Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

History of Posiedon Diving Station at Hikkaduwa
In the year 1973, Sven Holmberg and Bertl Magnusson [of course, Swedish nationals], while looking for a beach to enjoy diving, bumped, to their delight, on S. K. Nandasena [Leslie], a skin diver at Hikkaduwa. Such were the outstanding diving skills of Leslie, Sven Holmberg and Bertl Magnusson invited the skin diver to train in scuba diving in Sweden. The formidable trio closed ranks to establish the very first diving center in Hikkaduwa. They tasted success: the divers from all over the world began to arrive in Hikkaduwa year after year owing to the professionalism at the Poseidon Diving Station. Leslie went on to make history: he discovered no less than 4 ship wrecks off the beaches of Hikkaduwa: Conch, Arcturus, Earl of Shaftesbury, Alliance Orestes and Rangoon.

Poseidon Diving Station, Hikkaduwa

Poseidon Diving Station Hotel at Hikkaduwa
To follow scuba diving courses at Poseidon, though all of your are welcome, it is not necessary to secure lodging at Poseidon Hotel. The scuba diving enthusiasts may arrange their accommodation in any of the numerous guest houses or hotels at the beach resort of Hikkaduwa. Poseidon would be pleased to pick you all up, free of charge of course, at your hotel or guest house in Hikkaduwa.

Poseidon Scuba Diving Station, Sri Lanka Holidays
Poseidon Hotel consists of 12 rooms in a two story building. The balcony upstairs brings in views of sea. The restaurant at Poseidon Hotel is open to all.

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka Holidays

Excursion from Poseidon Diving Station Hotel
Poseidon Diving Station arranges a day trip to Galle [ home to VOC Galle Dutch Fort ], another diving site with wrecks and to the nearby magnificent palm fringed bay beach of Unawatuna once a week

Season for diving in the southwestern and southern coastal belt: November to April.
Season for diving in the North Eastern coastal belt: April to October.

Scuba Diving, HIkkaduwa, South western Coast, Sri Lanka

Diving sites off Hikkaduwa Bay Beach: Shipwrecks
Conch [depth: 12-21m]; Earl of Shaftesbury [depth:14m]; Alliance [depth:23m]; Rangoon [depth:30m]; Arcturus [depth:18m]; Crispigi Cross [depth:16m]; Orestes [depth:16m]; Lord Nelson[depth:18m]; Nosra [depth:15m]

Poseidon Scuba Diving Station, Hikkaduwa

Diving sites off Hikkaduwa Bay Beach: Reef and Rock Formations
Wallduwa [Coral Garden Rocks] [Depth:3-10 m]; Cave [depth:8-16m]; Hikkaduwa Rock [depth:5-18m]; Sunil Gala Rock [depth:6-18m]; Kadavara Gala [depth:5-18m]; Teli Gala Rock [Barracuda Point] [depth:12-28m]; Napolean Point [depth:24m]; Black Coral Point [depth:16-30m]; Kirala Gala [depth: 21-38m]; Thapara [depth:32-36m]

Images are reproduced herein by the kind courtesy of Poseidon Diving Station, Hikkaduwa



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