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Sri Lanka Hotel Guide

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Must Visit Locations

Amethyst Passikudah

Location of Amethyst Resort Passikudah (Pasikuda)
Amethyst Resort Passikudah of eastern coast of Sri Lanka is located about 28km North of Batticaloa town. It’s an approximately 5 hour drive from the Capital of Colombo.

Setting of Amethyst Resort Passikudah
Pasikudah is an absolutely stunning, exotic beach: it’s calm with no waves at all; it’s shallow allowing all to wade 30-50 meters into the sea that appears as if it’s a lagoon. The stretches of beaches are of sand exceedingly soft to the feet and dotted with palm and Palmyra trees.

Amethyst resort, Passikudah, Sri Lanka Holidays

Amethyst resort, Passikudah, Sri Lanka Holidays

The beachfront Amethyst Resort Passikudahsits prettily on the a crescent-moon shaped inlet of shallow water bay, which Google Maps refers to as one of the prettiest beaches in the world, under the cooling Kohomba (Sinhala: Margosa) trees with a lovely flowing stream bisecting the lush tropical greenery and the mangroves of the property.

Passikudah By Beach, Sri Lanka

Passikudah By Beach, Sri Lanka

Passikudah Bay beach
The reef that runs across Passikudah (Pasikuda) bay makes it one of the calmest and safest stretches of eastern coastline of Sri Lanka. Snorkeling at Passikudah (Pasikuda) bay brings in the endless joys of the marine life in view of the shallow fringing reef system that is home to lovely coral formations and schools of reef fish. Such is the beauty and importance in terms of marine life at Passikudah (Pasikuda), NARA has proposed the lovely bay of be listed as a Marine Sanctuary.

Passikudah (Pasikuda) Development Plan
Passikudah (Pasikuda), which has been in decades of torpor, is now awakening to the development plans of the tropical island of Sri Lanka. 156 acres of land have been earmarked for rapid development to provide more than 900 star class hotel rooms supported by common infrastructure as in Bentota beach of South Western Coast, the prime beach resort of Sri Lanka.

 Passikudha Beach, Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka Holidays

Passikudha Beach, Eastern Coast, Sri Lanka Holidays

Amethyst Resort Passikudah(Pasikuda) Sri Lanka Holidays Sustainable tourism (Green i.e., eco) credentials: to be edited.

Architectural concept of Amethyst Resort Passikudah(Pasikuda)
With the concept of conservation of lush tropical greenery of the land being paramount, the chalets are designed to present a rustic charm that blends into the nature of the property.

Amethyst Resort Passikudha Sri Lanka Holidays

Amethyst Resort Passikudha Sri Lanka Holidays

Accommodation at Amethyst Resort Passikudah (Pasikuda)
The resort has 40 rooms in operation which comprise of 18 Sea view Chalets and Stream View Chalets. All the rooms are spacious and fully equipped with luxury amenities.
Luxury Beach cabanas
Facing the bay of Passikudah (Pasikuda) are the luxury cabanas with spectacular views of the beach. All luxury beach cabanas are set up with its own private verandah opening out to the beach. There is no better spot in Passikudha (Pasikuda) to enjoy the spectacular scene of setting sun.
Water-View cabanas
Facing the lovely stream are spacious water-view cabanas. The verandah facing the stream creates a serene setting to enjoy the soft whispers of the flowing water.
Deluxe Rooms
Deluxe Rooms at Amethyst Resort Passikudah are spectacularly sandwiched between the beach and the stream. All Deluxe Rooms are fully equipped with all amenities.
Luxury Suites
Luxury Suites brings in panoramic views of the Bay of Passikudah. Luxury rooms are spacious with ample living and relaxing space; spectacular with ample living and relaxing space; comfortable with all conceivable amenities

Amethyst Resort, Passikudha

Amethyst Resort, Passikudha

Beach Bungalow at Amethyst Resort Passikudah (Pasikuda)
The two-storey beach bungalow at Amethyst Resort Passikudah nestled under the cooling Margosa (Kohomba) trees is an ideal hideaway that has picturesque views of both the ocean and stream.

The Barrel – Pub
The pub aptly named “The Barrel” alluding to the idiom “Barrel of fun” is a bar set up in Mediterranean style. The Barrel serves beer, a range of Cocktails and spirits. The barrel also serves delicious dishes of seafood in addition to the snacks to enjoy with your poison on the deck that opens up a scenic view of a fountain of water emerging from the river. The Karaoke music at The Barrel brings in entertainment to keep you in high spirits in the evening.

The “Kool” Pool Bar
The pool bar at the swimming pool set up close to the ocean is perfectly located to bring in views of the seascape to your heart’s content.

Taprobane – restaurant with seafood specialties
Taprobane – restaurant sitting pretty overlooking the stream serves a wide range of delicious dishes of seafood prepared from the catch of the day: straight from deep sea to the hands of the master-chefs.

Batticaloa Lagoon of the Eastern Coast
Batticaloa Lagoon, one of the largest coastal lagoons in Sri Lanka has several islands within it such as Puliayantheevu, Buffalo Island and Bone Island connected by a number of bridges. The largest bridge called Lady Manning Bridge, located in the Kallady is home to the famous “Singing fish of Batticaloa”. During the months of April and September on moonlit nights, the lagoon emanates a musical vibrations believed to be created by a certain species of fish. The singing is heard by way of placing an oar dipped into the water of the lagoon while floating in a boat.

Whale watching off shore Trincomalee also of the Eastern Coast
Trincomalee of Eastern coast and Mirissa and Dondre head of southern coast are hot spots of whale watching in Sri Lanka. The season for whale watching at Trincomalee is Between March to August when the whales return to Arabian Sea from their migration to Bay of Bengal in December-January. Trincomalee has high rates of sightings of for Blue Whales and Sperm Whales and even higher for Dolphins, mainly Spinner Dolphins.

Amethyst Resort Passikudah (Pasikuda) has taken its name after the gemstone called Amethyst that is found in Sri Lanka and can be bought in Colombo as well as in the world renowned city of Ratnapura (Sinhala: the city of gems). Amethyst is a healing stone: it balances and soothes the mind. The one who wear Amethyst or drink a bowl of spring water in which it was immersed (8 hours) with a teaspoon of sea salt on daily basis become aware of an increase imagination and a superior ability to visualize clearly.



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